Fallout: The Frontier mod has been taken down by its creators

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Fallout: The Frontier, a mod for Fallout: New Vegas that takes the franchise, unofficially, to the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Oregon, has been taken down by its creators after one of its developers was found to be posting 'animated pedophilic content' on the internet.

The mod has been removed from Nexus Mods, with a statement being released by the team stating the following;

Some deeply concerning news has emerged in the past few hours. We have been recently notified that one of our developers, ZuTheSkunk, had posted animated pedophillic content on their personal artist accounts. The items in question are deeply disturbing to the entire team, and we condemn them in the strongest sense. ZuTheSkunk has since been removed from the Development Team and banned off of our Community Discord. We will be conducting dialogue with members of the development team to hear their thoughts regarding the current situation and help make our decision more informed. We have stopped production and work on the mod to address the current events properly. More measures will be undertaken and a more detailed address will be posted soon.

The mod had come under fire for some of its depictions within the game, including one quest where a teenage girl can become a sex slave, and a settlement of reptiles who will have sex with human characters.

The mod included an impressive amount of new content, including three new main storyline quests set in Oregon, with a huge number of side quests, and "tens of thousands" of lines of new dialogue. Perhaps the most impressive addition to the game's engine is driveable vehicles, which alone is something of an impressive technical feat.

The map is also pretty huge, being roughly the size of the Mojave desert in New Vegas, and even boasting more interior spaces than the New Vegas plus it's DLC combined. In summary, this basically a brand-new Fallout experience. 


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2 years ago

Well, that's a damn shame. Was super stoked about this mod a couple of years back due to it's location, but no amount of them trying to save face is going to make me want to play it now, seeing as they seem to have already given a stamp of approval on that type of bullshit by having the teenage sex slave shit in the mod in the first place.

Nice PR move, I guess. But they've already shown us who they are and can stuff it.