Fallout: The Frontier spectacularly transforms New Vegas

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 9 months ago

New Vegas is arguably the most popular of the 3D-era Fallout titles with long-time fans of the franchise, and it's modding community is still going strong - this past week, a new trailer for The Frontier was released, showing off the spectacular new environments.

The Frontier is massive total conversion mod, with a huge number of people working on it. I love it when large groups of people come together to make a collaborative title like this, it normally means faster development time, higher quality and great attention to details - if the team is any good, that is.

Certainly, The Frontier team is not short of some amazing talent - there's a lot of unique assets and plenty of creativity here, from a totally new world, to completely new gameplay elements, effects and sound, high quality voice acting, and even promises of DLC down the line.

In essence, this is a new Fallout game, for free - but bare in mind that currently it's still a work in progress, so expect some bugs and dead ends.

In contract to the hot and sandy setting of New Vegas, much of The Frontier is covered in snow and frost - and is much more dense with buildings and streets. The amount of detail in the levels is truly excellent, with towering skyscrapers and countless avenues for the player to explore. The overall approach to aesthetics is one I really approve of, dark clouds highlighted by the fire red of burning buildings, the desolate and isolated feeling of abandoned buildings in the unforgiving snow, this is a game I already feel like I connect to more than I did with New Vegas.

The city in question, by the way, is Portland, Oregon. The city was ravished during the war, and has been reduced to a mere shadow of it's former glory - with brand new weather effects introduced into the game, such as snow. These aren't just for show, though, the game will actually introduce you with problems in certain weather conditions, meaning you'll have to ensure your attire is appropriate before you head out into the wastes - if you do at all.

The map features 16 square kilometres of brand new adventure, so expect to sink a lot of time into this mod when it comes out.

While the overall spirit of the Fallout games remains, there have been many excellent enhancements to gameplay, many of which were absent, rather disappointingly, from Fallout 4. Apart from the aforementioned dynamic involving the weather, there are now drivable vehicles available, such as military tanks. You can even drive flying vehicles, such as vertibirds.

There's also an all-new weapon modding mechanic, which will allow you to create truly unique and custom weaponry. With an entirely new storyline, fully voice-acted by a team of aspiring voice-actors, this should prove to be a promising, and compelling story.

The mod has no set release date yet, but the team say they're about "75%" of the way there - I sincerely can't wait to get my hands on this one, and we'll be doing a full review on FilesNation as soon as the code drops.

But until then, enjoy the new trailer, and be sure to keep up on the latest developments over at the official mod website.

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