Fan-Made Alternate Mass Effect 3 Trailer Is THE BEST

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Posted on April 11, 2012, Ross Lincoln Fan-Made Alternate Mass Effect 3 Trailer Is THE BEST

Yes, I know what I said when the Mass Effect 3 launch trailer dropped back in February. “Good job, BioWare. You are officially excellent at advertising for your game.” And it’s true, they really were. (It’s just too bad they were advertising a game that didn’t actually exist.) One thing that’s become clear since I played the full game, however, is that looking back, even that trailer seems designed to pull in new players, and has little connection to the previous 2 games.

Just compare that trailer to those for the final Harry Potter films, or other epic film franchise conclusions. Those films take great pains to really remind the viewer of how far things have come, and of where it all started, 2 things I think are essential to capturing the sense of what the conclusion to a true trilogy ought to be. Mass Effect 3, notsomuch. It really would have been nice to see something that gave you the full sense of a 5 year epic. Which is why this amazing fan-made alternate Mass Effect 3 launch trailer is so mindblowing. Using voice over of Sovereign from Mass Effect, and some very, very key scenes from Mass Effect 3, it manages to perfectly capture the weight of Shepard’s story.

Have a look for yourself:

Via Kotaku

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