Fantastical Multiverse mod adds 50+ new races to Baldur's Gate 3

By FileTrekker 25 days ago, last updated 23 days ago

It's fair to say that Baldur's Gate 3 is one of the most faithful recreations of the D&D experience in a video game to date, but despite the lavish praise heaped upon it, it isn't perfect. One of the notable limitations is the choice of races - if you had designs on playing as a Goblin or a Warforged, for example, you're out of luck... at least, until now.

The Fantastical Multiverse mod by DungeonsAndSouls adds a whopping 54 new races to the game, sourcing inspiration from a combination of official D&D, Grim Hollow, and even a few Final Fantasy 14 and original races thrown in for good measure. 

There's one minor limitation: for technical reasons, all the races are distinctly human in shape. Despite this, adding creatures like minotaurs and kobolds is very welcome. Perhaps one of the most interesting additions in the kender, a race that has been causing rifts around D&D tables since 1984, thanks to their ability to confuse, bamboozle and steal all your possessions.

I'm glad mods like this exist - it's neither fair nor practical to expect Larian to be able to include every single race from the history of Dungeons & Dragons into the game, but thanks to mods, a number of those niche playing options can become a reality.


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