Far Cry 3: Say Hi to the Internet Achievement Guide [Easter Egg]

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Posted on November 30, 2012, Kevin Thielenhaus Far Cry 3: Say Hi to the Internet Achievement Guide [Easter Egg]

Welcome to the Far Cry 3 achievement guide for “Say Hi to the Internet”.This mysterious achievement tasks players with finding a Hollywood star hidden somewhere on the Rook Islands. If you’re familiar with Superbad, you’ll know the actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse as the nerdy McLovin, but you might not recognize him here. Check out the achievement guide for all the details on how to find this hidden easter egg, and earn yourself a small bragging-rights reward for your troubles.

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Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Say Hi to the Internet (10 points / Bronze):
    Find the lost Hollywood star.

Say Hi to the Internet Achievement Guide

Map Coordinates: X: 620.5, Y: 557.7.

  • This tie-in to the “Far Cry Experience” video series from Machinima shows actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse (of McLovin fame) in a very unfortunate situation.
  • Travel to the map coordinates above to see his fate. In the fourth episode of the video series, viewers could vote whether Christopher lives or dies after being captured and dug neck-deep in sand.
  • Travel to the south-eastern edge of North Rook Island, and liberate the Broken Neck Home outpost. Next, grab a boat or walk northwest up the beach.
  • Keep going until you find a tree with several quite-dead people hanging from the branches. Look on the beach itself for a glowing head at the map coordinates: X: 620.5, Y: 557.7 — just interact with it, and you’ll unlock this achievement.

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