Far Cry 4: How to Get the 2nd Secret Alternate Ending [Guide]

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Posted on November 25, 2014, GameFront Staff Far Cry 4: How to Get the 2nd Secret Alternate Ending [Guide]

Take control of your destiny with the second Far Cry 4 hidden ending, opening up a new area to explore and giving hero Ajay Ghale the most conclusive resolution.

This super secret final choice was hinted at by the game’s Creative Director Alex Hutchinson on Twitter and now we know how to get it. Just like in his description, it takes some quick thinking and a small amount of preparation, but it’s pretty satisfying.

Needless to say, there are major plot spoilers ahead. We’ll try to keep the details vague, but there’s no way around this one. Keep reading at your own risk.

If you’re not too worried about spoilers, check out the full Far Cry 4 walkthrough with step-by-step tips for every major mission. Then glide over to the Far Cry 4 cheats list to get extra articles showing you how to unlock weapons, find collectibles, and way more.

How to Get the 2nd Secret Alternate Ending [Guide]

Work-in-Progress: Are there more hidden endings we haven’t found yet? Let us know in the comments!

Like the first secret ending in Far Cry 4, this one leads to a mysterious mountain with Kyrat’s psychotic ruler Pagan Min. In that ending, Ajay Ghale needs to listen to Min’s instructions and sit patiently for the madman to return in the starting room.

This time things don’t work out for the bad guy.

2nd Secret Alternate Ending Instructions

1. During the final mission, Ajay Ghale will drive up to Pagan Min’s Royal Palace and confront him in a dining room. Before entering the palace, equip yourself with a Rocket Launcher. There are plenty to pick-up during the final battle in the fortress.

2. Ajay Ghale points his pistol at Pagan Min’s head. Don’t fire — let him live. The two will fly a chopper to a burial site and Ajay Ghale will lay the ashes of his mother.

3. Exiting the tomb, Pagan Min will escape on his helicopter while taunting Ghale. Be prepared, soon you’ll be back in control and watching the chopper fly off.

4. Quickly switch to the Rocket Launcher and shoot down Min’s helicopter! It crashes into the ground below and shows the ending card.

5. Travel down the mountain and blow open the wooden doors with an explosive. Up the path, you’ll find the crash site with Pagan Min’s body nearby. Loot the body to find Pagan Min’s Golden Pen (worth 300,000), Lapel Pin #2 (worth 350,000) and 250,000 in cash.

No escape for Pagan Min this time. Completing the game this way also allows Ajay Ghale to stay in Kyrat to complete any unfinished activities and counts as killing Pagan Min.

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