Far Cry 4: Rare Animal Skins Locations Guide

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Posted on November 26, 2014, GameFront Staff Far Cry 4: Rare Animal Skins Locations Guide

Far Cry 4 Rhino Attack

Go hunting and upgrade your ammo, cash, or loot carrying capacity to the limit with every rare animal location in Far Cry 4.

If there’s one particular crafting item you’re looking to complete, then browse the list below. Here we provide locations, restrictions, and what every skin corresponds to.

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Rare Animal Skins Locations Guide

The last tier of crafting upgrades require a unique animal skin. Starting the hunting quests at the locations below will spawn the corresponding rare animal.

They must be killed with a specific type of ammo. Weapons are provided at each location, but any weapon of that type is allowed.

Speak with Mr. Chiffon — a special marker will appear in southern Kyrat — to make rare animal hunts appear at unlocked outposts.

Rare Hunt Locations List

Rare Animals are very tough to kill. Bring Hunting and Overdose Syringes; you will be able to spot roaming wildlife instantly and deal double damage.

Black Water Dragon Hunt:

  • Location: Kyra Tea Weigh Station – X:346 Y:381
  • Weapon Requirement: Explosives (Grenades, Rockets, C4, Mines)
  • Crafting Upgrade: Level 4 Throwables Bag

Ghost Bear Hunt:

  • Location: KEO Pradhana Mine – X:695 Y:620
  • Weapon Requirement: Shotgun
  • Crafting Upgrade: Level 4 Loot Bag

Gulo Hunt:

  • Location: Pranijigat School – X:346 Y:625
  • Weapon Requirement: Light Machine Gun
  • Crafting Upgrade: Level 4 Bait Bag

Karkadann Hunt:

  • Location: Shanath Breeders – X:381 Y:572
  • Weapon Requirement: Shotgun
  • Crafting Upgrade: Level 4 Heavy Ammo Bag

Mad Devil Hunt:

  • Location: KEO Gold Storage – X:440 Y:815
  • Weapon Requirement: Bows, Arrows, Bolts
  • Crafting Upgrade: Level 4 Wallet

Shadow Leopard Hunt:

  • Location: KEO Logging Camp – X:417 Y:754
  • Weapon Requirement: Assault Rifle
  • Crafting Upgrade: Level 4 Ammo Bag

Sky Tiger Hunt:

  • Location: Barnali’s Textiles – X:444 Y:689
  • Weapon Requirement: Assault Rifles
  • Crafting Upgrade: Level 4 Syringe Kit

Tenzin Hunt:

  • Location: Kyra Tea Terraces – X:391 Y:330
  • Weapon Requirement: Bows, Arrows, Bolts
  • Crafting Upgrade: Level 4 Arrow Quiver

Thick Skin Hunt:

  • Location: Rajgad Gular – X:808 Y:788
  • Weapon Requirement: Fire (Molotovs, Flamethrower)
  • Crafting Upgrade: Level 4 Explosives Bag

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