Farmville Is No Longer the Most Popular Facebook Game

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Posted on January 3, 2011, Phil Owen Farmville Is No Longer the Most Popular Facebook Game

Zynga launched a new Facebook game last month, and whaaaaaaaaddyyaaaaa know but that game, called Cityville, now has the highest “monthly active user count” of any Facebook game ever at 84.2 bazillion, er, million, beating Farmville’s 83.8 million, which it achieved in March 2010.  This is significant because Farmville hit that number before Facebook put the hammer down on Facebook games spamming the s–t out of everyone. On the other hand, Zynga, which made both games, says the lack of spam in this case is offset by the game being offered in a bunch of languages immediately.

But whatever. Them’s the facts, and it’s seem that more people have played both Farmville and Cityville than have played any video game I’ve ever played. Oh well, don’t care.

There is more to these numbers and others, but I don’t follow this stuff closely enough to break it down properly for you folks, so I suggest heading over to Inside Social Games, which reported this in the first place.


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