F.E.A.R. 3 Walkthrough

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Posted on June 18, 2011, CJ Miozzi F.E.A.R. 3 Walkthrough

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Fans of the F.E.A.R. series will remember Alma Wade’s malevolent psychic powers. Newcomers will be given a rude introduction, since they’ll be battling Wade and her son, similarly unpleasant telepath Paxton Fettel. The gameplay is still the same mix of action and scares, with a new cover system, cooperative play and a variety of inventive multiplayer modes thrown in for good measure. What more can you ask for?

The walkthrough below should abet all of Alma’s adversaries — she may be psychic, but we’re experts. If you’re interested in augmenting your experience with F.E.A.R. 3, our lists of achievements, trophies, and cheats can help.

Table of Contents

Interval 01 – Prison

  1. Open the door to your cell and head right, down to the end of the corridor.
  2. Open the cell door and follow the path, left. Beyond the open cell door will be a guard with his back conveniently turned to you — stab him and take his gun.
  3. Shoot the lock off the closed cell and take cover behind the chest-high barrier beyond.
  4. Shoot the guard, then grab his gun.
  5. Pull the lever near the red light, then take cover in the next area. Kill the two guards that fire at you.
  6. Walk up the steps ahead and grab the ammo in the supply crate.
  7. Open the doors at the top of the staircase and take cover beyond. Take out the guards with grenades, guns… whatever makes you happy.
  8. Pick up the automatic weapons the guards dropped, then enter the open cell to the left.
  9. Follow the path, crouch through the hole in the wall, then jump over the mattresses to your right.
  10. Open the cell door. You’ll hear guards arguing over deuces. Kick open the wooden door and gun the trio down in bullet-time. Aim for the head for quicker kills.
  11. There are more guards in this room; you can wait at the doorway and take pot shots at them, or for a quicker battle, you can enter the room. Use your slow-mo when you need it.
  12. Fight your way through this room, then exit to the far right, through the door beneath the green light.
  13. Turn right and open the cell door.
  14. Walk down the corridor and through the open cell at the far end.
  15. Perform a psychic link with the glowing body, then open the cell door when it vanishes.

Open the door to the left. Turn off your flashlight to avoid giving away your position to the guards ahead. Kill the enemies on this floor, then take the staircase to the left and kill the guards on the second level. On the third floor are two weapon lockers and a smoking body you can psychic link with. When necessary, bust open locks with melee attacks to gain access. On the second floor, proceed through the open cell door adjacent to a fire extinguisher and kill the guard.

Descend the staircase. When you reach the weapon locker, pull the lever on the control panel to the right to open the cell door. Kill the soldiers in the next area. On the second and third floors are more ammo. Exit through the cell to the right on the first floor, marked by flashing red lights. Sprint down the halls until you locate a door. Don’t open it yet — head right, past the diagonal racks and into the open control room with an ammo locker and a smoking body. Perform a psychic link with the body. Return to the wooden door and open it into a gunfight. Exit the room through the door to the far right and open the double doors to the Mess Hall. Kill the soldiers, then psychic link with the smoking body lying partially in the weapon locker. Fight your way through the mess, into the kitchen. Before heading up the steps, psychic link with the smoking corpse at the far end of the room through the door to the right. Climb the steps and fight your way into the control room with the red light. To the right of the red-lit doorway is another door — bust the lock off it and psychic link the corpse. Beyond is an ammo crate, but guards will shoot at you through the cell door to the left. Kill the guards, bust the lock and proceed through. Travel along the walkway, through the open door flanked by red lights. Descend the staircase. Before opening the doors, bust the lock on the cell to the left, psychic link with the corpse, and descend the steps to resupply on ammo if you need to.

Open the doors and creep forward. Open the door beyond the dead guard, turn left and psychic link with the corpse. Open the door down the right branch of the path, then the next door. Continue forward, up the steps, and watch the guard catch fire. Before heading through the doors, psychic link with the corpse to the left. Through the doors, you’ll fight more guards. To the far left is the staircase to descend. Keep fighting guards. When an explosion destroys the path ahead, double back to the three stacked crates and open the cell door nearby. Psychic link with the corpse. Two doors down, psychic link with another corpse. Head through the door to the left and crouch through the hole in the wall. Psychic link with the corpse, then proceed left, jumping over and ducking under pipea until you reach the next hole in the wall. Open the door beyond and climb the steps to the right. You may need to jump over the mattresses. Psychic link with the corpse at the top of the staircase, then descend to the lowest level to kill more guards. While killing guards, you will hear monstrous growls that will culminate into a cutscene that ends the level.

Interval 02 – Slums

  1. Walk to the end of the tunnel, turn right, and drop down into the lower tunnel.
  2. Follow this tunnel to its dead end, then turn right and climb the steps. Before heading through the doorway, turn right again to psychic link with the corpse.
  3. Descend the steps beyond the doorway, psychic link with the corpse and grab its gun.
  4. Follow the path out another doorway and onto a walkway. Continue forward, get scared by the creeper crawler on the tree, and before heading into the circular tunnel, psychic link with the corpse down the left branch.
  5. Open the door at the end of the tunnel and get knocked down by guards. The creepy crawler will rescue you. Pick up your gun and follow the path, up a set of steps, and psychic link with the corpse.
  6. Walk through the boiler room and exit through the door on the right. Psychic link with the corpse, then vault over the railing and head left.
  7. Climb up the ladder and out of the sewer. Cross the garbage pit, psychic link with the corpse, and enter the next sewer.
  8. Climb the steps and pass through the doorway, avoid the flaming debris, and psychic link with the corpse up the slope.

Climb the ladder and kill the guards to the left. Enter the house to the far left and exit through the side door. Fight your way past more guards. Enter the house with a sign in the doorway that reads: “Aprecie nossa fruta,” which is Portuguese for “Enjoy our fruit.” If you haven’t figured it out by now, you’re in Brazil, by the way. Pass through the door to the right and psychic link with the corpse. As you fight your way forward, be wary of the guards on the roof of a nearby building. Ascend the steps past the military truck, walk by the statue of the Virgin Mary, and enter the house. From here’ you’ll fight off waves of guards. The shotgun does really well as long as you stay in close quarters and lure the guards around corners so that you can shoot them point-blank. With the threat neutralized, exit on the other side off the Virgin Mary statue. Climb the second set of steps, into a house. The door will close behind you.

Reload at the ammo locker and head through the next door to exit the building. Climb the steps, ahead, and enter the building. Drop through the hole in the floor and exit the house through the door. Kill the guards beyond. Climb the steps into another house and psychic link with the corpse to the left of the doorway. Fight more guards in this house, then open a door at the far end and descend a flight of steps. Exit the house through the next two doors, then climb the steps to the right and kill more guards. Open the door at the end of this alley and enter the house. Exit through the back door, then enter the next house. Exit through the hole in the wall, take cover, and kill the guards.

Enter the house immediately to the right, climb the steps and grab the heavy weapon to take out the mech. Walk towards the military truck and duck into the alley to the left. Kill the guards ahead. Climb the staircase at the far end, pass through the house, and exit through the back door onto a roof.

Start walking toward the helicopter until you see the small set of steps to the right. Climb them and psychic link with a corpse. Leap from rooftop to rooftop toward the helicopter, ducking through a hole in a fence. You’ll see some kind of blue super soldier leap around like a monkey. Continue along the rooftops, across the little bridge and fight more guards. The blue super soldier will snipe at you. You need to fight your way forward; the enemies will keep spawning if you remain stationary. Climb up ramps, a ladder, and a stack of crates as you make your way to the chopper.

Interval 03 – Store

  1. Turn around, pass through the spasmodic doors and psychic link with the corpse.
  2. Advance to the far left, then duck under the shelves to the right.
  3. Follow the path and eventually climb some rusted steps onto a shelf lit by red candles.
  4. Cross the ladder as though it were a bridge to the next aisle’s shelf.
  5. Cross another ladder bridge, then drop down into the next aisle.
  6. Press the green button by the partially open a garage door. Psychic link with the corpse within. Exit through the double doors beneath the “Breakroom” sign.
  7. Enter the women’s room and kill the guard. Visit the last stall for a nice little scare, then enter the men’s room. Psychic link with the corpse, then exit through the whole in the wall.
  8. Open the door that just slammed shut and proceed through the double doors.
  9. Climb the rusted steps, then the ramp. Cross the ladder bridge, walk up the next ramp, and cross another three ladders into the electronics department.

Drop out through the hole in the fence and psychic link with the corpse. Mutant freaks will crash through the televisions and attack you in melee; use your slomo if you need to. Head through the exit, open the door beyond, then open another two doors. Enter the Refrigeration Access doorway. Corpses will come alive and attack you. Head through the unobstructed path and turn left. Wind your way around the bend and be witness to supernatural phenomena, such as synchronized glass shattering. One shattered glass pane opens into a room in which you can find twin Uzis. As you round the next bend, a shelf will topple over — back away to avoid being crushed, then pass over and through the toppled shelf. In this next area, you’ll get to fight zombies. Psychic link with the corpse that was being eaten, then enter the refrigeration unit through the Milk entrance. Grab the Uzi ammo, then exit the fridge through the opposite side. Hold a chokepoint at this exit as zombies come for you. Psychic link with the corpse in the bacon department, then cross through this refrigerator into the next aisle. Head through the Exit, open the garage door and psychic link with the corpse.

Enter the Managerial Offices. Open the first door to the left and grab the ammo. Open the door to the break room and psychic linkwith the corpse, then stock up on ammo at the supply crate. Exit the room and round the corner. Enter the stock room and the Customer Relations room for more ammo, then head through the Exit. Open the garage door and kill the zombies beyond. They have bombs strapped to their chests, so take them out from a distance. Round the bend into the next aisle and psychic link with the corpse. Climb the ladder by the fence onto the top of the shelves and kill the zombies. Make your way to the right of this area, killing zombies along the way, then hop over a ramp and into an area with potted plants on display on a trellis. You’ll fight an extended zombie battle. At one point, you’ll see explosive zombies on the other side of a fence; shoot them to blast the fence open.

Open the garage door at the end into a trippy cutscene. Head through the open door into the meat deli. Pass through the curtain slits into the meat fridge. Wind your way through the pig (and human) carcasses and exit through the double doors. Psychic link with the employee who died washing his hands in the sink, then exit through the next set of double doors into an extended zombie battle.

Exit the area up the ramp lit by fire, then climb the steps at the far right. Cross ladder bridges, fighting zombies along the way, descend a ramp and crouch through a narrow passage by a television. Descend another ramp, hop off the shelf and climb the rusty steps, then the ladder bridges. Drop down through a hole in the shelf floor and resupply at the weapon locker. Climb the ramp into an area that will undoubtedly be filled with combat. Approach the crib to initiate the combat sequence. Once you finish off the zombies, the back doors will open and you’ll have to kill guards. Exit into battle with more guards and zombies. Open the door to the left and psychic link with the corpse. Open the garage door to the far right to finish the level.

Interval 04 – Suburbs

  1. Fight your way to the left, through guards.
  2. Enter the open garage near the military truck and resupply at the ammo crates. The door will close.
  3. Knock down the wooden door and climb the stairs to the second floor. Navigate around the kitchen, through the hole in the wall, and up to the third floor. Open the door to the right into a destroyed room that is exposed to the outdoors and grab the assault rifle.
  4. Hop down to the second floor and psychic link with the corpse.
  5. Drop down to the ground and kill guards.
  6. Psychic link with the corpse near the ammo crate and the corpse near the flaming fence.
  7. Wind your way around the fences, killing guards. Psychic link with the corpse near the flaming barrel.
  8. Climb over the toppled fence and enter the house through the broken wall. Exit the house through the other broken wall and kill more guards.
  9. Keep winding through people’s backyards, killing guards, eventually climbing a slanted table to cross over a fence.

You’ll enter a backyard with a Gazebo, wherein you’ll fight waves of guards and a mech. The mech will be difficult to take down — use grenades and take cover behind generators and other non-destructible objects. Exit through the freshly-created hole in the fence and enter the house through the destroyed wall. Psychic link with the corpse beside the barred staircase. Walk through the hole in the wall and psychic link with the corpse in the far right corner, then climb the steps and watch the creepy crawler creep away. Slink through this level, through the kitchen up the next flight of steps. Open the right-most door and psychic link with the corpse by the bed. Open the other door in this room to collect the ALMA DOLL. Exit the bedroom back into the hallway and knock down the adjacent door. Pass through the hole in the wall, get scared by the creepy crawler, and kill two zombies. Exit through the door ahead, then enter the room to the right. Kill two zombies and psychic link with a corpse. Descend the steps to the lower level, navigate around the kitchen, through another hole in the wall, and kill two zombies. Psychic link with the corpse in the kitchen, then climb the steps to the next level. Head through the doorway that opens for you and head left along the makeshift bridge. Drop down to the floor below.

Kill the zombies in the next room and descend into the basement, where you’ll fight a horde of zombies. Eventually, the creepy crawler will transport you to a creepy nightmare kiddie park. Walk toward the merry-go-round and enter a cutscene. Fight an extended battle against guards, then psychic link with the corpse in the corner by the generators, the corpse through the open doors in the monitor room, and the corpse behind the generator and unlit floodlight.

Enter the other monitor room — the one from which guards were shooting you — and climb the steps to the second floor. Psychic link with the corpse by the table, then exit this house, leap on a crate by the broken fence and jump over into the next lot. Enter the power armor mech. Blast open the garage door, kill the guards, then smash through any walls that appear damaged. At one point, you’ll fight another mech. When you exit the house, follow the path, right. As you walk past the downed chopper, you’ll be brought back to dreamland. Follow the path to the twin beds and approach your kid brother. That’ll end the dream. Kill guards, then smash the fence at the power relay station. Exit the mech and hop over the crushed fence.

Kill the guards, then walk through the electrical maze. Enter the building, killing guards. Once you enter the garage, press the green button to open the door into a large battle. The guards will be brought back to life by the electricity. There are six drums through which the electricity flows — when you see one glowing and charged with energy, shoot it to destroy it. Do this six times. Descend the steps behind the former location of the experimental tubes to end this chapter.

Interval 05 – Tower

  1. Head left, grab the shotgun off the dead guard, then the assault rifle near the military truck. Take the alley into the building and follow the corridor. Turn right, open the door a crack, and shoot the lock off the door in the next room. Double back, enter the room and psychic link with the corpse.
  2. Follow the corridor, psychic link with a corpse beyond a doorway, an open the door the zombie closed on you.
  3. Exit the building and kill the guards. Climb the guard tower and kill more guards on the other side of the fence.
  4. Kill your way down the battlefield, then enter the building to the left. Use the control panel to open the door. Psychic link with the corpse on the dumpster, then climb the ladder onto the balcony. Climb the steps to the higher level and psychic link with the corpse at the far end, near the barbeque.
  5. Climb the ladder onto the roof, then drop down on the balcony on the other side.

Hop down onto the street and run right. Enter the bunker and sue the control panel. Exit on the other side, psychic link with the corpse near the dumpsters, then jump over the toppled car, ahead. Kill the zombies and the guards, then use the next control panel. Fight through guards all the way up the staircase on the far end and use the control panel. Fight off waves of guards and zombies. For the most part, you can wait at the top of the steps with a shotgun and let them kill each other, shooting any zombies that make it to the stairs. When the gate finishes opening, head through and use the next control panel. Bust the lock off the fence and walk down the path.

Before crossing around the sinkhole, psychic link with the guard, then turn into the path beyond, to the right, to grab an ALMA DOLL. To cross the pit, jump onto the truck, then across to the other side. As sinkholes form, cross over vehicles. Before turning left down the street, explore the sidewalk to the left to psychic link with a guard. Perform another psychic link with the guard on the porch atop a short flight of steps. When the road ahead becomes blocked by a collapsing guard station, enter the Market Entrance to the right. As you pass through the next doorway, creeper crawler will attack you before vanishing. You must shoot him during that second or two that he is attacking you in order to safely pass. Climb the steps to the next level, where creepy crawler will attack again. If you strikes you, your wounds won’t heal until you shoot him. You’ll have a brief flash to dreamland after passing through a doorway and being manhandled by the crawler, after which you’ll see little Alma rocking back and forth on a bench. Exit through the turnstile door. Beyond, a supersoldier will spawn troops. There are weapon lockers on either end of this area — one end has an assault rifle, the other, some form of laser sniper rifle. Use it to take out the supersoldier. A mech will then spawn. Kite it from one end of the level to the other, sprinting and diving to cover. Once the mech is down, leave the area through the next set of turnstiles. Explore this house, open the fence door and psychic link with the guard. Exit through the double doors and fight across the battlefield, then use the control panel to open a gate.

Kill the guards and use the riot shield to sneak around the turrets, then descend the steps. Smash open the lock on the door to the right and psychic link with the corpse. Exit the building and you’ll see the tower. Pass through the turnstiles and kill guards. Climb the steps, turn left, and descend the steps into battle. Fight your way up more steps and into a building. Jump over the toppled vending machines, enter the closet and psychic link with the corpse.

Follow the red stripe down the corridor and meet with your dear mom. Once you climb the steps, open the single door before the double doors and psychic link with the corpse. Exit the building and fight through guards, a turnstile, the flaming soldiers, the medic tents, and over the broken fence. Enter the corpse-filled shipping crate and exit through the other end. You’ll fight a supersoldier. If you have riot gear with you, just keep shield bashing him and you’ll kill him easily enough. You’ll then fight more guards and a second supersoldier. Be careful–this one self-destructs. If you use the shield-bash technique, back off when he lurches over and starts beeping to avoid the blast. Once you kill everyone, head toward the control panel. The girl you’re following will bust out of a crate and hack the panel. Exit.

Interval 06 – Bridge

  1. Navigate around and through the train carts. Psychic link with the body in the cart when you momentarily see the creeper.
  2. When you hear the guard calling out for help, then see him get pulled out of sight, grab his gun at the end of the cart.
  3. Enter the cart in which you heard submachine gun fire and grab the dead guard’s gun.
  4. Keep winding your way through and around the trains, eventually ducking under debris and climbing a ramp into a train cart. Psychic link with the corpse sticking out the back window.
  5. Hop from cart to cart as they wobble above the water, then jump into the open cart and psychic link with the guard.
  6. Continue climbing around and through carts, eventually ducking under a cart near a flare. You’ll see the creeper take down a chopper.
  7. Psychic link with the guard between two carts, then climb either of the two green staircases into battle with guards.

Drop down onto the carts that bridge the gap in the highway and kill the monkey creeper, ahead. Continue forward and kill another creeper, then psychic link with the corpse in the cart. When you exit the cart, you’ll fight a gang of monkey creepers. Continue through an around the carts, killing creepers. Psychic link with the corpse at the edge of the bridge, then double back along the bridge to climb the green staircase. Atop, you’ll fight a supersoldier.

With the supersoldier down, continue along the highway, into the cabin and battle another supersoldier and his minions.

Grab the ALMA DOLL behind a mobile generator, climb into the second cabin, and use the laptop to take down the shield around the mech. Climb into the back of the mech and cross the bridge. Smash your way through barriers, kill soldiers, a chopper, two mini mechs, another mini mech, an APC vehicle, and two more choppers, until you reach a raised drawbridge. Exit your mech, enter the left cabin, and pull the level in the control room on the top floor. Re-enter your mech, smash your way through the barricade beyond, then take down the enemy mech. March across the bridge, toward the blockade, and into the next level.

Interval 07 – Port

  1. Kill the two monkey creepers that immediately come for you. Wind your way down the path, killing more creepers, then climb the stairs by the airplane.
  2. Kill creepers until you reach the double doors. A body will kindly burst them open for you.
  3. Walk through the terminal and psychic link with the corpse in the entrance, then head through the exit.
  4. Turn left and psychic link with the guard before knocking down the next exit door. Fight guards and monkey creepers.
  5. Enter the lounge, then the kitchen. Kill the guards, leave the kitchen and head through the Exit. Psychic link with the corpse, then climb the steps and head through the door.
  6. Kill guards and creepers as you make your way across this level, through the kitchen, eventually reaching a dead end where you’ll have to hop down to the lower level.
  7. Exit into the Employees Only area, wind through the corridor and open the Exit. You’ll just miss Becket.

Cut through the food court. Before descending the steps, psychic link with the corpse behind the crates, by the washrooms. Descend the steps, walk through the central elevator and climb the steps on the other side. Open the door near the telephones, psychic link with the corpse within and gab the ALMA DOLL. Walk to the Falstaff Healthfood booth and enter the kitchen. Head through the exit.

By the ATM on the left is a partially closed booth. Enter and psychic link with the corpse behind the counter. Crouch under the main gate to leave this area. You’ll see two monkey creepers spawn — follow them. Kill the guards in this area, then climb the escalators and keep fighting.

Descend the adjacent steps, then enter the double doors into the Executive Club and into battle with a supersoldier and his goons. Exit the area into the room with the monitors, then kill the guards on the lower level, beyond. Jump through the hole in the fence, kill the guards ahead, then drop to the lower level. When the doors slide open, fight your way into the next area. Climb the stairs and avoid the chopper gunfire. Grab the rocket launcher and take down the chopper.

Enter the shop the creeper burst out of, then head through the doorways and down a flight of steps. Psychic link with the corpse at the bottom of the staircase, then go up a level to open the door. Turn left, descend the steps, head through the exit, then the next door. Descend the staircase and open the door into battle with another supersoldier and his minions. Psychic link with the corpse on the trolley, then climb the stairs and enter the Conveyance Control Room. Pull the lever on the control panel to open a door at the top of the conveyer belt.

Drop down onto the conveyer and go for a ride through the flaps and out the other end, into battle with monkey creepers. Fight through the area, psychic link with the guard near the luggage, then enter a second Conveyance Control Room and pull the lever. Head through the door that opens, walk along the conveyer belt and open the door at the other end. At the far end of this area is the exit; psychic link with the dead guard nearby before leaving. Watch the chopper go down, round the corner, pass the flaming debris, and enter the passage behind the staircase. You’ll have to fight off The Creeper — the real creeper, not the monkey creepers. You’ll notice him walk toward you as a trail of smoke — shoot him just as he starts materializing before you to prevent him from hitting you. Damage he deals to you cannot be healed until you successfully fend off one of his attacks. Psychic link with the corpse by the telephones, then climb the stairs, the ramp, and round the corner to escape The Creeper. Walk through the metal detectors and kill guards. Grab the SWAT gear, then fight the two supersoldiers by shield-bashing them. Put your back to a wall so that they cannot surround you. Sprint away when they are about to blow to avoid being killed in the blast.

With the battle over, enter the security room with multiple monitors, then exit through the opposite door. Descend the steps, hop down to the corpse, and exit. Head right, psychic link with the corpse between the dumpsters, then open the garage door. Monkey creepers will continue to spawn, so you must fight your way into the garage and close the door from the other side to stem the creepy tide. Continue through the next door, up the steps, through two more doors, and witness another supernatural contraction. In the wrecked room, psychic link with a corpse on a chair at the far end, then exit through the open double doors. Open the next double doors, enter the mech to the left, kill the guards, then fight a larger mech. Kite the mech around the central boxes, using the boxes as cover when you need to regenerate health. Fire at the mech when its shield drops. Kill the two supersoldiers and advance toward Becket into a cutscene.

Interval 08 – Ward

  1. Follow the path and descend the staircase. Hug the wall to the right, descend another staircase and psychic link with the corpse.
  2. Double back and head left. Turn down the second path, shoot the lock off the fence door and grab the twin Uzis.
  3. Follow the signs toward Medical, down the main path. Enter a room in which you’ll see a brief flashback, then ascend the steps.
  4. Backtrack down the steps and fight The Creeper.
  5. Backtrack down the corridor, turn left, left again, and enter the room out of which light is flooding.
  6. Walk over to the red, glowing bucket and destroy the memory, then visit the lockers and psychic link with a corpse.
  7. Exit the room, turn right, then right again. Head down the path where you picked up the Uzis and follow the light into an experimentation room. Destroy the memory of the notebook on the desk.
  8. Turn right and follow the light into another room. Destroy the toy gun memory.
  9. Psychic link with the corpse by the Exit sign. Leave the room, turn left and head toward the white doorway.

Head down the dreamworld path and fight the giant Creeper, then the guards he spawns. Aim for the glowing spot in his throat — he generally presents it right before an attack. If you hit the correct spot, you’ll interrupt his attack and watch him recoil. Depending on your aim, you may fight anywhere between 3 and 10 rounds of battle — the guards spawn to allow you to replenish your ammo. This battle is easier than many of the other battles you’ve fought, so just remember to use your slomo if you need it and dive for cover if the Creeper initiates an attack. Enjoy the ending cinematic. If you play co-op and Fettel scores higher than Point Man, you’ll receive an alternate ending.
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