FemShep gets the spotlight in Mass Effect Legendary Edition Trailer

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

The official reveal trailer for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the awaited remaster of the original trilogy of games, has dropped and, refreshingly, features the female version of Commander Shepard, or "FemShep," as it's focus, much to the delight of the character's female voice actor, Jennifer Hale.

FemShep was universally popular with hardcore Mass Effect fans, but always seemed to be hidden from the spotlight in marketing material back in the day, with the male Shepard usually having the main trailers, with female Shepard relegated to "alternative" trailers.

This time around though, male Shepard barely features (although he's in there in a few spots) - instead, we see a number of locations throughout the trilogy, with FemShep holding all the action scenes, kissing Liara, and closing the trailer out as Garrus says "You were born to do this."

Hale took to Twitter to thank BioWare and the fans, moved to tears over the focus her character has been given in the new trailer. "I'm just sitting here ugly-crying because I'm just so moved," she said while adding that "you guys are the best and to be part of this is the greatest thing in the world and I'm so grateful. BioWare, thank you, fans, thank you so much. It's so beautiful. I just wanted to share that I'm ugly-crying because it's so cool."

FemShep has also been given parity in the game itself - originally, the character creator did not feature a default "iconic" hero appearance for the female version of Shepard until the third game - this has been put right in the new Legendary edition. 

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be releasing on the 14th of May.


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