FEZ Shifts 100,000 Roughly Copies on XBLA

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Published by Jim Sterling 6 years ago , last updated 1 month ago

Seems that FEZ has been quite successful for Polytron and Phil Fish, despite any controversies and boycotts that may have surrounded his game. The perspective-bending puzzle-platformer has sold roughly 100,000 copies since it hit Xbox Live Arcade, which is way more copies than I shift of anything I make, and I don’t even charge!

At $10 a pop, that means the game has made around $1 million since launch. The studio has celebrated with a little graphic, as protagonist Gomez stands atop a series of blocks displaying the milestone figure.

Good for Polytron, I say. FEZ is a superb little game that deserved the success, and I’m always happy to see a good little indie game do well, especially after how long it took this particular one to finally hit the market. Huzzah!

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