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Posted on March 7, 2011, Jonathan Svarzbein Fight Night Champion Walkthrough

Champion mode is the big new feature in Fight Night Champion (hence the name), and it’ll start up immediately when you put the disc in the drive. The mode follows the story of  boxer Andre Bishop, whose checkered career is punctuated by rises, falls, and a variety of important bouts. To progress the plot, you’ll play through each of these fights in turn, dealing with constraints, conceits, and the strengths and weaknesses of the adversaries you’ll encounter.

Below, you’ll find a full text and video walkthrough for the game, giving you all the advice you’ll need to prevail. Think you have a shot at being a champion? Step into the ring.

Everybody boxes differently — the videos and the text in this walkthrough will represent two possible ways to prevail in the bouts.

Fight Night Champion – Champion Mode

  1. Welcome to the Jungle
  2. Amateur Gold Medal Fight
  3. Lucious Palmer
  4. Mike Walker
  5. Wilfred Rosario
  6. Keyshawn Haynes
  7. Ricardo Alvarez aka “I Brought My Own Judges”
  8. Prisoner #1 aka Jake Morrison
  9. Prisoner #2 aka Sonny Harris
  10. Prisoner #3 aka Frank Hicks aka “Survival of the Fittest”
  11. Mason Brooks
  12. Antoine Barr
  13. Antonio Chavez
  14. Raul Castillo
  15. Meldrick Johnson aka “Everything You Got Left”
  16. Reggie Stewart
  17. Dwight Cooper
  18. Kobe Nichols aka “Low Down Dirty Tricks”
  19. Raymond Bishop
  20. Isaac Frost vs Raymond Bishop
  21. Isaac Frost aka “A Champion Emerges”

Welcome to the Jungle

  • Use LS and RS to stand up. Dodge around his punches for 15 seconds until the bell sounds.
  • Use your jab frequently to wear down your opponent’s health. When the time comes to knock him out, Hold down RB and nail him with a hook to drop him to the canvas.

Amateur Gold Medal Fight

  • Points matter in this fight, so use you block frequently and try and punch from the guarded position as much as possible. Protect your head more than your body and dance around, picking your spots for when you step in and attempt combos starting with your jabs. Counter punching is your friend in this match. In the 3rd and 4th rounds, look for some heavy upper cuts to knock your opponent down and keep him staggered.

vs. Lucius Palmer

  • Lucius Palmer likes to steal fights by running around the ring until the end of the round and then getting really aggressive with his punches. To counter his plans, cut off the ring by advancing on his position and backing him into the ropes or the corners. Keep throwing straights and jabs and work mostly his body until he begins to fight back. When he does, block and wait for an opening to hit him with a hook or an uppercut. In the last 40 seconds or so of each round, let him tire himself out by throwing a ton of punches and then counter punch him to get him on his heels.

Mike Walker

  • Mike Walker is pretty good at recognizing when you are throwing repetitive punches and combos. Counter that by switching up your use of fast and heavy punches. Try and start every 3rd combo with a heavy punch instead of a jab or straight. Also, don’t be afraid to begin a combo with a body shot and then surprise him with a head shot. For defense, focus on protecting your head against Mike Walker’s heavy shots and then throwing counter punches to his head.

vs. Wilfred Rosario

  • Wilfred Rosario likes to walk into you, park in front of you and bob/weave while throwing hooks and uppercuts. Don’t worry too much about fast punches because he going to want to let his hands go and just keep swinging at you inside. Side step and use step-in punches from the outside to take him by surprise with hooks to the head. Early-on uppercuts to the head will also help you knock him out quickly. Just be careful not to let your stamina drain too often, as that can leave you open for some big hits.

Keyshawn Haynes

  • Keyshawn Haynes has a mean left hook, so prepare for it early by favoring the right side of your head when blocking. If he knocks you down early, don’t worry and just stick and move around the ring, choosing fast-fast-heavy combos more often than not. Use your jab to keep him at a distance and if you see him tiring mid-round, start throwing all heavy shots to his head to try and capitalize on his lack of stamina.

Ricardo Alvarez aka “I Brought My Own Judges”

  • Ricardo Alvarez is a boxer that hates being pressured so lay the pressure on thick in the beginning. Land heavy shots to the body to slow him down in the later rounds and wait for counter punches to throw at his head to keep him off guard. You find out after the 1st round that the judges have been bought off so you have to knock Alvarez out to win. After the 1st round, go back and forth between hooks to the body and to the head to wear him down enough to knock him out.

Prisoner #1

  • Prisoner #1 is really aggressive. Use your dodging and blocking skills to counter his aggressive style and then place some well timed heavy hooks to cash in on his aggressiveness. Just pick your spots, wear him down and keep knocking him down until he can’t get up. Also, don’t forget that without judges or referees, you can use the directional pad to throw head-butts and low blows.

Prisoner #2

  • Prisoner #2 is really aggressive, same as Prisoner #1. Use your dodging and blocking skills to counter his aggressive style and then place some well timed heavy hooks to cash in on his aggressiveness. If you time it right, you can get a knock down in the first 5 punches you throw. SPOILER BUT USEFULL INFO: Make sure you don’t take too much damage because you’re going to have to do the next fight directly after this one.

Prisoner #3 aka “Survival of the Fittest”

  • Prisoner #3 is even more aggressive than the first two prisoners. There are 2 approaches you can take successfully in this fight. Conserve your energy and work the body early to tire him for the later rounds. When you see him getting tired and throwing lazy punches, use exclusively heavy killer blows and keep knocking him to the mat.
    1. OR
  • Use jab-jab-hook combos to the head until hi starts throwing only heavy punches. Side step his heavy punches and counter with heavy punches of your own. If you get him real good a few times, (the screen with make a quick white flash to indicate great counter punches) he will go down in the first minute.
  • Both of these methods have be used to accomplish the same goal of beating this final prisoner.

Mason Brooks

  • Mason Brooks is a heavyweight so he has stronger punches than you overall. To combat this use you speed and footwork to dance around the ring a little bit. Step in and land some quick combos and then dance back out. Protect your head and if you can dodge more often than block. This will minimize blow damage and keep you up longer in the fight. When he gets tired, throw hooks to the head until he goes down.

Antoine Barr

  • You’ll need to knock down Barr twice in this match WITH BODY SHOTS ONLY. You can use head shots in the match but you must only use body shots as the final blows. Use jabs and straights to set him up for the heavy body shots. Besides the body shot restriction, this fight is pretty straight forward.

Antonio Chavez

  • Antonio Chavez is susceptible to power punches early in the match so don’t be afraid to let your hands go. Throw power punches but don’t tire yourself out. If you get his face cut use your light head punches to make it bleed and wear him down. Don’t worry about finishing quickly. Your stamina overall is much better than Chavez’s. Chavez will be very pen to heavy body hooks later in the match, so use heavy body-uppercut or heavy body-hook combos

Raul Castillo

  • Raul Castillo is going to want the fight in the middle of the ring. Use your footwork to keep yourself on the outside and on the ropes. Move around so the Castillo can’t get inside on you. He is going to want to go the distance. Castillo is going to try and take your stamina down with a bunch of body shots early on so protect your body. Once he throws a heavy body shot and you block it, counter punch to his head. Repeat this formula to wear him down for an easy 4th or 5th round knockout.

Meldrick Johnson aka “Everything You Got Left”

  • You come into this fight mid-fight with a broken right hand. DO NOT CONNECT WITH A RIGHT. You will lose the match and ruin your right hand for your career. Only using your left hand, dance around. When he approaches you in the ring, jab him away. Win this match with your technique, not your power.

Reggie Stewart

  • You MUST knock Reggie Stewart out with your RIGHT HAND. Keep Stewart at bay with jabs and straights. When you see an opening to his head, throw heavy rights to make sure you complete the task. Side stepping and throwing heavy rights is a good strategy against him early in the match. Later in the match, body-body-head combos seem to be his weakness.

Dwight Cooper

  • Dwight Cooper is big and slow so use your advantage of speed and quickness over him. Dance around and dodge his punches until he throws a slow combo. Once he does, lunge in and throw some hook combos, ending in a heavy blow. When Cooper cuts your right eye, you should protect the against his lefts the rest of the fight. If Copper hits your right eye 15 times in a round, the ref will stop the fight so be careful. Each round, the less you get hit the more punches you can take in later rounds. NOTE: If you get your cut tally down to 0/15, you don’t have to worry about it any more. Just dance around, choose your openings and keep landing counter punches until you knock him out or you last the 10 rounds.

Kobe Nichols aka “Low Down Dirty Tricks”

  • All the advice in the game says that Nichols is very vulnerable to body shots but the referee has been bought out by McQueen to call every body shot as a low blow. Throw nothing but head shots to defeat Nichols. Throw more jabs than you’re used to throwing in a normal fight. Let Nichols come in and then throw heavy hooks to his head to stagger him.

Raymond Bishop

  • No matter what you do, the game will make you lose the fight to Raymond to advance the story line. Just don’t get knocked out in the first round and then you will lose in the 2nd round due to a hugely depleted stamina bar.

Isaac Frost vs Raymond Bishop

  • In this fight, you control Isaac Frost and you must knock down Raymond Bishop twice in the 1st round. For the 2nd knock down, you have to put Raymond down with a power shot to the head or else it won’t count and it will force you to do a rematch. Just throw nothing but heavy shots to the head in the entire match. Don’t worry, your stamina bar will not go down so you can throw as many of them as you want as often as you want.

Isaac Frost aka “A Champion Emerges”

  • Isaac Frost will be incredibly aggressive in the first two rounds. Don’t even try to throw any big punches and just dance around for the first two rounds. Once you do that, throw a ton of power shots to slow down Frost. Hit him with 75 power shots to the body in the next three rounds and use your footwork to survive to complete this in-match task. Note: you will cut get above your eye in these rounds. Next, protect your right eye for the next two rounds by dancing around the ring, keeping your hands up and using your bobbing and weaving when you see big lefts coming from Frost. Now, get aggressive. Go straight up to Frost and begin jabbing until he swings and misses. Use these openings to throw heavy body-heavy head combos until you knock him out. Congrats, you are the new champion of the world!
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