Fight Thanos Avengers Style in Fortnite: Endgame

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

It seems logical for two of the hottest franchises in geek culture, Fortnite and Marvel Cinematic Universe, to enter into a crossover promotion. Avengers: Endgame releases in Cinema's today, or tomorrow, depending where in the world you live, and to celebrate, you can attempt to defeat Thanos yourself in Fortnite: Endgame.

Much like in the Avengers movies, Thanos has stolen the 7 Chaos Emer.... I mean, Infinity Stones, and players can use various MCU related weaponry to attempt to take him down, including favourites such as Captain America's shield and Thor's Axe.

The way it works is that the first member of the Chitauri team to hunt down an Infinity Stone will become Thanos, complete with epic punch attack and a powerful beam attack, as well as the ability to effectively skip across huge chunks of map with a massive jump.

The rest of the Chitauri team, along with Thanos, then are tasked with finding the remaining stones before The Avengers. There's perks to each team, with the Chitauri getting laser rifles, grenades and jetpacks by default, while The Avengers have special heroic items, such as Captain America's shield, hidden across the map in various chests, which require a treasure map to locate.

All players are allowed to respawn unless Thanos finds all six of the infinity stones, in which case, it's next death and you're done for The Avengers.

The various infinity stones also give perks if you find them, with the Red one offering health and shield buffs, the Orange one activating a shield for Thanos, The yellow doubling jump height, Blue tripling the Ground Pound area of attack, green adding a huge knockback to attacks and the purple one doing 6x damage for lasers.

The game mode is live now, so why not check it out?


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