FileFront Multi-Gaming Clan

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Published by Hfx-Rebel 11 years ago , last updated 1 year ago
FileFront Multi-Gaming Clan
It has been 3 months since we announced the Clan to the public and we have had a great response. So far we have 65 members and we continue to grow every week. At the launch date we had 2 servers and supported 2 games with the promise of more to come. We did just that and have grown beyond what I had hoped for. We now have servers for the following games. F.E.A.R (UK and USA servers) Sponsored by ClanWarz Enemy Territory (NL server) Sponsored DS-Gamesolutions CoD 1 and UO (NL server) Sponsored DS-Gamesolutions CoD 4 (UK and 2 USA servers) Sponsored by ClanWarz AND Sponsored Tech-Gear Moh SH (NL server) Sponsored DS-Gamesolutions BF2 FH2 (NL server) Sponsored DS-Gamesolutions BF2 (USA Server) Sponsored by AGF Servers BF 1942 (USA Server) Sponsored by TLB HL1 Sven Coop (USA Server) Sponsored by ArtOfWarCentral HL2 CS-Source (USA Server) Sponsored by GameServers HL2 FF (UK Server) Sponsored by INX-Gaming HL2 DM (NL Server) Sponsored DS-Gamesolutions HL2 TF2 (UK Server) Sponsored by INX-Gaming SoF2 (USA Server) Sponsored by VaudVillany We will be adding more servers and more games once we have more members to fill them up. If you want to be part of a ever growing clan then sign up on the forums. Clan Applications Our aim is to unite the Forums and File sites in multiple games and play together as 1 community. But we still want to grow even more. We will be adding a Network site for the clan shortly. We are looking for players of every skill level who want to part of a big community and play for fun. Sign up and be part of something special. You can still play in your old clan for the games you play with them, You can just don our tags for games you don't. See the the Clan Applications Sticky for details. We would like to thank our sponsors and we look forward to playing with you all soon.
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