FileFront MultiGaming Clan

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We Are Recruiting

We are recruiting for all games listed below. We have over 60 members made up from Network staff, Network members, Forum staff, Forum managment and Forum members.
We are looking to expand on this to give us a wide range of members to play with.
The clan is free to join and you will never have to pay anything as our sites and servers are all donated.
We are not a corperate clan we are just a bunch of members from FileFront who want to play together.
You can apply to join us [url="http://forums.filefront.com/clan-applications-1481/"]Here[/url] And find out more information about us [url="http://clan.filefront.com"]Here[/url]
The details of our Vent server can be found [url="http://clan.filefront.com/news/New_Ventrilo_Server;39088"]Here[/url]

Games and Sponsors

[url="http://www.clanwarz.com/"]ClanWarz A multiple location provider[/url]

Call of Duty 4, Team Fortress 2, FEAR Combat And Vent server Sponsor

[url="http://www.ds-gamesolutions.net"]DS-GameSolutions a provider in Holland[/url]

BattleField 2 FH2, Call of Duty UO, MoH SpearHead and TeamSpeak 2 Sponsor

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[url="http://www.darksaintproductions.com"]Vaud Villany a provider from America[/url]

Soldier of Fortune 2 Sponsor

Server ips can be found on our main site


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