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Published by Hfx-Rebel 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Welcome one and all to the 126th FileFront Weekly Insider!

It's that time of the week again, and I am back! :) Therefore we have listed all the major gaming happenings for you below, and remember, if you see something that you would like to be added to the Insider, or have a suggestion, simply drop us an E-Mail at The Insider! Continuing on with the new additions, we have some more of your Staff in the Spotlight!


  • Hello everybody, JohnWE here for the autobiography section this week. My name is John (wow!), and the rest of my name is pronounced Double You E, not 'we'. It stands for John Whips Everyone, or it could be my initials, your choice. I started at this network as a GeneralFiles lowly news poster recruited by Jamie back on October 3rd, 2004. To tell the truth, I have been a Command & Conquer fan for quite a while, but when I would search online for files or game information and GeneralsFiles popped up, I would always go back and pick a different site. It never had the information that I needed on it. So when I started, that I aimed to change. And I'd like to believe after being here and now as Site Manager for over 4 years, I have accomplished that goal. The most favorite part about this position is that I get to be in close contact with EA and the cool people they have working over there. I've even been flown down to EALA three times to test out their new C&C titles before release and give them feedback. Now for a big fan of that series, is there anything that could be better? So, why do you need to play C&C? It is a fast, fun game that will entertain you for quite a while. It's got a hilarious storyline, real people acting in full motion videos, and gameplay that will force you to concentrate on building balanced forces and trying sneaky tactics instead of just steamrolling an opponent with 'whoever has the most forces wins'.


  • Hey guys, I believe I joined the network almost two years ago trying to register as Slash, but some punk (:D) already took it, and thus why my name is spelled this way. My name is still awesome how it is...right? Anyway, I started out in Dawn of War files as regular member who submit files and such, which was under the management of Komrad at the time. After some time, I simply made an application as a joke thinking I would never get hired and sent it off. Little did I know, I got accepted; however, I had no clue of my employment there since I did not regularly check my email often. After a couple of weeks later, I figured out what happened, but I stayed silent and gradually forgot about my position there until I got informed by one of the Network Admins that I would lose my position if I stayed inactive...etc. Around that time, a new Site manager showed up who went by the name of Saoreire and my activity sparked up for a couple of months, however I had to quit my position due to real life issues. Fast track to September 2009, I had regularly visited on occasions and noted that DoWfiles – A glorious site which it had once been – was suffering from lack of staff inactivity; and thus, I reapplied and that’s when Mr.Funsocks gave me the Site Overseer job during which the staff overhaul happened. Between that time and now, I made it my best effort to put DoWfiles back on the map on the DoW community along with the current Site Admin – Dredlord12 – which I believe we are succeeding as it is on the right track :D. Over the time of my second employment, I have managed to get hired at Company of Heroes Files and Warcraft 3 Files, which the latter is also ran by Dredlord12. Also, I manage to tool around the Spam Forums over at the GamingForums; currently I am the head of Epic Security for the EPIC PARTY (It really is epic ;)), fending off some crazy network members who believe Ronnie is god or something– how epic is that? So that’s my story with Filefront. Hope to see ya fellas around ;). Cheers!

We have someone new stepping up to provide us with this week's editorial, IKS is here to talk about...

Mass Effect....A new Sci-fi franchise packaged into one game! Let’s get straight to the point - Mass Effect contains sex scenes. though no nudity. Okay just had to get that off my chest.:D Mass Effect is an action RPG (with some strong FPS elements). Set in 2183 it follows the story of Commander Shepard onboard the SSV Normandy as humans explore and colonize the galaxy via appropriated Alien technology called Mass Relays. The game was released last year in November to be exact for the Xbox and was released for the PC in May of this year, for a game thats a year old it still looks brand new! It does have elements of all previous Sci-fi rpgs/fps/space sims, even the Spectres are akin to the Jedi Knights. The storyline draws parallels with many sci-fi greats and is a pretty intensive and rather on the long side, campaign which will keep you glued to the game. The Ships and Environments are some of the best I have every seen, the SSV Normandy is sleek and striking. Travelling between star systems is done via your ship the Normandy and you are not limited to one or two sectors of space to travel to, there are plenty of places to go and see. The other main theatre the game takes place in the Citadel - a massive superstructure space station which serves as your defacto base to report to. Walking around this place takes ages and is full of both the respectable citizens and gutter rats of the Universe - Some interesting times maybe had in the Citadel (and that’s all I am saying about it) The RPG element to the game is vital, depending on your responses to other characters your character behaves differently, the storyline may change slightly and different events will be portrayed such as the Nuclear. Just like Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect contains a Morality Interaction System which makes the player a Paragon (the archetype Hero) or a Renegade (Dirty Harry type) based on how you interact with the storyline and characters - basically if you are a cold-blooded callous deviant in the dialogue/conversations you will lean towards the Renegade and if you are a all out benevolent empathetic Starfleet Officer-type you will lean to the Paragon. I tried to sit on the fence when it came to Morality but you will either lean to one or the other. This facet of the game is important as it changes everything from what you can say, to what you can do, to how you can interact in diplomacy against others, even the character's appearance changes based on your choice. It also plays an important role in the ending! The Character is a massive part of this game. When you setup your character you can choose from multiple options to create a character back-story which again is vital to the development of the character in game. You can also upgrade your character and your team and fit them with certain weapons, ammo, utilities, upgrades and tweak both the skill/talent of your character and your team to complement the type of player you are. The weapons and equipment is pretty straight forward and looks sweet though I found the inventory to be quite difficult to navigate and the layout of it is a bit overcomplicated. The customizable weapons and armour is a neat touch which really does give the player a sense that the character is theirs to mess around with. Mass Effect is basically Knights of the Old Republic just shiny, way more graphic intensive with better gameplay and a storyline to match it. If you have an Xbox then get Mass Effect if you are a PC gamer then you will have to have a pretty nifty rig setup to play this above half spec, and to be honest this game is truly a masterpiece in full glorious spec! I highly recommend this game. It has its flaws but the good outweighs the niggly bad bits by a tonne! Brian Hourigan | IKS

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Call of Duty: 8 New CoDWaW 3D Screenshots The folks at have released eight new CoDWaW 3D interactive screenshots, which look pretty nice and illustrate some of the game's finer visuals. If you haven't already bought the game or played the demo, this is a good opportunity to see some of the environments you'll experience when playing single-player and online... Read: 8 New CoDWaW 3D Screenshots More Call of Duty News: FileFront's Call of Duty Files

Battlefield 2: Forgotten Hope 2 v2.15 Preview & Release Date Hello all. Forgotten Hope 2 has made a new patch for their latest mod, and they have included a release date...Check it out! Read: Forgotten Hope 2 v2.15 Preview & Release Date More Battlefield 2 News: FileFront's Battlefield 2 Files

Elite Force 2: Elite Force Map Contests Hello all, some good news - Elite Force Files are running contests. We are going to start off small. Therefore there will be two map contests to get the ball rolling. The requirements to be met for these contests are quite simple - make a brand new map, upload it and when the time comes people will vote on it via poll! Download: Elite Force Map Contests More Elite Force 2: FileFront's Elite Force 2 Files

Half-Life 2: Black Mesa; New trailer released After nearly 2 weeks since the latest media release, the black mesa team bring you the latest trailer, and news that the mod may not be so far away... Read: Black Mesa; New trailer released More Half-Life 2 News: FileFront's Half-Life 2 Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Banners and Starships, Gooeys and Missions! A few notices... December 21st is closing in, this date being the final submission date for the Starship, Banner, Gooey and Mission contests so don't forget peeps! On the Banner front we have four new Banner entries, three from IKS and one from last years winner Sovereign001 so check them out! Download: Banners and Starships, Gooeys and Missions! More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Dawn of War: German Preview of Dawn of War II (SP and MP!) This is a must read! About yesterday a German preview of Dawn of War II hit the interwebs (, which basically talks about the single player campaign and the multiplayer mode for the game. One thing that is odd with the preview is that some of the info written, contradicts what Relic has announced the past... Read: German Preview of Dawn of War II (SP and MP!) More Dawn of War News: FileFront's Dawn of War Files

Call of Duty 4: Frontlines War Server Released! Finaly the so awaited War Server it's ready to change the FPS gaming history forever! War Server it's a feature from Frontlines which will transform your server into a full war instead of isolated battles like all FPS servers in the world. Read: Frontlines War Server Released! More Call of Duty 4 News: FileFront's Call of Duty 4 Files

Battlefield 2: Operation Peacekeeper Tournament Operation PeaceKeeper is hosting their first ever tournament, they have also included a video for your viewing pleasure...Check it out! Read: Operation Peacekeeper Tournament More Battlefield 2 News: FileFront's Battlefield 2 Files

CnC 3:'s Roundtable Discussion 14 CnCNZ 14th roundtable has been added yesterday, sharing again the thoughts of key members of the community such as Lion from CnCDen or Hexetic from PlanetCnC. This time, they discussed the expansion system of RA3, RA3 on consoles, it's reviews, soundtrack, pros and cons, and the new CnC hub. Read:'s Roundtable Discussion 14 More CnC 3 News: FileFront's CnC 3 Files

Call of Duty: BPCOD: World At War & Tour Of Duty 18 We would like to announce our new WWII Tournament for the new Call Of Duty: World At War! We run an Axis vs Allied Tournament where both sides fight to control the world back in 1944... Read: BPCOD: World At War & Tour Of Duty 18 More Call of Duty News: FileFront's Call of Duty Files


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Armoured Imperial Patrols (1.0) This modification adds something that Bethesda really should have done. It adds the steel horse armour to all the Imperial guard patrols and includes two versions Download: Armoured Imperial Patrols (1.0) More Oblivion: FileFront's The Elder Scrolls Files

Battlefield 1942: BattleFeel 1942 Anthology BattleFeel 1942 Anthology attempts to make the famous Battlefield 1942 trilogy more realistic and feel better. It's totally changed the weapon system parameters, and vehicle configurations... Download: BattleFeel 1942 Anthology More Battlefield 1942: FileFront's Battlefield 1942 Files

Half-Life 2: Half-Life 2: Black Mess Demo/Beta (v0.1) BLACK MESS is a HL2 single player mod with as goal a new single player campaign. In BLACK MESS you are entering an undergound facility controled by the combines. You have been send to this base to investegate what hapens in this base. Download: Half-Life 2: Black Mess Demo/Beta (v0.1) More Half-Life 2: FileFront's Half-Life 2 Files

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: Magicka Regeneration + More Magicka Nataq just modified his regeneration script and added magicka incresing algorithm that increse your magicka depending on players level, intelligence, willpower and luck. Download: Magicka Regeneration + More Magicka More Morrowind: FileFront's The Elder Scrolls Files


Company of Heroes: HezzysCoH Hezzys CoH is mod that adds many new units and special abilities, along with some some alterations to the buildings. With so many new content, this mod is definitely for people who have grown tired of CoH and want to try something new. Download: HezzysCoH More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Knights of the Old Republic: Music Enhancement For K1 Star Admiral makes their Filefront début, with work inspired by PastramiX (whose mod improved TSL sound quality). This mod does the same but for KotOR. While KotOR's sound quality was better than TSL, KotOR is now 5 years old, so this is a very welcome addition to the community. Download: Music Enhancement For K1 More Knights of the Old Republic: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Constitution Class Yamato Subtype Shortly after tiptop's last Contest Entry here is his second ship and again it is a TLE era ship with an interesting background story. Basically this is a Constitution with the above mentioned changes such as the new Impulse drive and the new nacelles. The design is (in my opinion) a logical and good looking design that evolved out of the TMP Constitution Download: Constitution Class Yamato Subtype More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Stalker: Basix Add-on: MP5-2-PS-BRV This mod puts a custom MP5 in the pistol slot. Adds also a brand new skin to differentiate it from other MP5s in the game. Download: Basix Add-on: MP5-2-PS-BRV More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

Empire at War: Return of the Clones This is a Mod for FoC, V3.1 of Return of the Clones fixes a few issues as well as adding in 2 new units. Download: Return of the Clones More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Knights of the Old Republic: A Lost Sith in a Nameless World Wow. Everyone likes new content, right? It gives me great pleasure to review and bring to you a most intriguing mod by FrantFire. Basically you will encounter a new twi'lek character on the Unknown world beach; you may recognize her appearance, its Prime's excellent Darth Talon skin. Download: A Lost Sith in a Nameless World More Knights of the Old Republic: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic Files

Halo: Combat Evolved: Halo 3 MA5C+Rocket Launcher These are probably the best replica you can get on halo PC!!! So Download now and start enjoying. Download: Halo 3 MA5C+Rocket Launcher More Halo: Combat Evolved: FileFront's Halo: Combat Evolved Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Planck Class The Planck Class, our latest addition to the ever growing Starship Contest list is a sight to behold. A truly magnificent ship which ticks all the right boxes this is a superb design and finished product So check this starship out and bask in all its glory! Download: Planck Class More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files


Far Cry 2: Forest Fort (v1.0) We have a new FarCry2Files content submitter in our midst today...welcome to your monitor: QuakeHalo! He brings for your Far Cry 2 gaming experience, his first ever map that he has made public. Download: Forest Fort (v1.0) More Far Cry 2: FileFront's Far Cry 2 Files

Company of Heroes: Bois du Chatelet Bois du Chatelet is a two player map of which the author tried to recreate the fluent gameplay of Angoville, however it is set in a forest theme like Beaux Lowlands. It definitely does give the impression of it's selected theme with all the nice placements of objects and decals. Download: Bois du Chatelet More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Jedi Knight III: The New Academy Ahh the good old Academy Map. This is a genre of maps that has been going strong since the very genesis of Jedi Academy. Here today we have the latest addition to the community’s long history of Academy maps, the appropriately titled ‘New Academy’! Download: The New Academy More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Sraiden: Ash Forest Sraiden: Ash Forest, is as it the title suggests an ash forest. The environment is so well done you can almost feel yourself choking. Flamespouts and ash are everywhere. Dry, dead stumps are all that remain of what looks to be a once mighty forest. Download: Sraiden: Ash Forest More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

Far Cry 2: Castle Of Death (v1.0) ArCh!e has returned with his newest Far Cry 2 creation to wow' you with! He's been a busy little developer pumping out fun and adventurous ways for you to spend time with your cyber friends. Download: Castle Of Death (v1.0) More Far Cry 2: FileFront's Far Cry 2 Files

Warcraft III: Warlords and Regiments (WaR) Warlords and Regiments is a 12-Player AoS (Aeon of Strife) type Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Expansion map. Created by Bountygiver and Spritviper by 29.02.2008, it is basically a 4-team hero vs hero map, with 3 players per team, which the victory condition is to destroy all 3 of your opponents. Download: Warlords and Regiments (WaR) More Warcraft III: FileFront's Warcraft III Files

Company of Heroes: River Kwai River Kwai is the author's first map for Company of Heroes so lets give him a round of applause *cheers*. The author intended this map to be based in Japan, although the buildings and objects that were used had the European look, you still have to give the author some points on imagination Download: River Kwai More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Old Battlefield I don't know if this is the authors first map or not but if it is its not to bad of a start. A flat battlefield with a mix of Naboo, Mos Eisley, and Yavin 4 Props. It has an orange ground with the default Yavin 4 sky and sides, and the CP's haven't been moved. Download: Old Battlefield More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

Far Cry 2: Jungle Hotel With nary a breath after the release of his previous map, vfn4i83 is back to quench your thirst for Far Cry 2 action! It's time to stock up on ammo and set your sights in...Jungle Hotel is all about the Hotel; This old structure stands in the midst of the Jungle, and has the notoriety of being a much sought after piece of realestate. Download: Jungle Hotel More Far Cry 2: FileFront's Far Cry 2 Files

S K I N S / M O D E L S

Bridge Commander: Elysion Class This is one great ship! Perhaps one of the best custom designs i have seen all year, The model and textures are high quality and it really shows. This is a definite download! Download: Elysion Class More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

Elite Force 2: Green Tuvok I knew it! I always suspected Tuvok to be Romulan deep down! or maybe he is affected by the hulk we know why Vulcans don't show emotion! data079 brings us the seriously Green Tuvok! Download: Green Tuvok More Elite Force 2: FileFront's Elite Force 2 Files

Armada 2: Mawasi Cruiser The Mawasi were one of the races brought together in Captain Janeway's coalition of the temporally unwilling to destroy Annorax's warship in "Year of Hell". Now you can re-create those great scenes from one of all too few great Voyager episodes. Download: Mawasi Cruiser More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: OPP Black and White cruiser (SF, LS, LV) Here is a police car retexture based upon the the police from Ontario, Canada. The Ontario Provincial Police Cruiser is fairly accurate when compared to the real life versions of the car and has the same markings, phone numbers and colors on the sides of the car. Download: OPP Black and White cruiser (SF, LS, LV) More Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Files

Stalker: oakley+ACU This is the Clear Sky version of the oakley+ACU gloves/arms of "Modern Combat Mod" for the Stalker Shad

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