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Published by Hfx-Rebel 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Welcome one and all to the 132nd FileFront Weekly Insider!

It's that time of the week again, and I am back! :) Therefore we have listed all the major gaming happenings for you below, and remember, if you see something that you would like to be added to the Insider, or have a suggestion, simply drop us an E-Mail at The Insider! Continuing on with the Staff Profiles, we have another for your reading pleasure, along with a review, enjoy!


  • Hi I'm Falcon93, I currently work at MohFiles and have been since July of 2007. I used to work at SimsFiles, which was in dire need of a manager. My first position working for FileFront was Site Manager for SimsFiles. I requested that I be the manager because I know HTML and have had experience running websites and moderating forums and Gaming Servers. I changed SimsFiles from an almost dead site with no one to upload files, to a thriving community of modders and skinners. After about 6 months I had to resign my position because school had started back up, back in 2005. At the time I had been playing Medal Of Honor for quite some time and started visiting MohFiles, which sparked my dream of becoming it's Site Manager. The site did not have any openings so I just went back to being in a clan and focused my self on that. Then in 2007 the Site Manager resigned and I quickly made my move and sent in an application to be the Site Manager of MohFiles. After a quick interview with Ronnie, I became the new Site Manager. I quickly built up a staff, so I could actually keep up with the work load! So here I am now helping one of my favorite communities with my favorite staff, MohFiles. I would encourage any one who loves first-person shooters to try Medal of Honor. There are 3 demos out that INCLUDE online multiplayer, which is completely free! Spearhead is the most popular one so start there. I look forward to seeing some new members on MohFiles! I would also like to mention and thank my minions, I mean Staff, Crissi and PKM for all the hard work and effort they put into the site. I guess I should thank our modders/skinners/mappers as well because out site would not exist if they didn't submit their work to us! Medal Of Honor is an old game, about 7 years old to be exact, that is still thriving because of them!

This week, the review will be coming from my keyboard, and it will be by no means 'professional-like' with this week's editorial about a modification based on an older game, but still a classic!!

The WildWest Mod - A mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein

  • First, a little history -- Back in the day when I was playing

Return to Castle Wolfenstein (for about five hours a day, and non-stop on the weekends, :) ) I was always looking for different things to add to the game to make it a little different...because of this, I was forever downloading every new map, mod and skin that I could find. Naturally, this is how I found my way to RTCWFiles, and soon after that, I was on my way to the GamingForums (which eventually bacame known as FileFront Forums). It was on the Forums that I became a regular in the close-knit 'family' type group that called the WildWest Sub-Forums their home. For me, this was the first time I had ever been exposed to such a wide range of international gamers, and was made to feel as welcome as any of the others. It was the best time that I had in my internet life, from Hewster and his 'bollucks', to Iggy and his team member interviews ;) and Squint with his WildWest songs...Gaming was never as fun as it was when BITE_ME, Dragon, Angle Eyes, Queeg, Hacko, Jaden, English Rose, Shotglass, and of course, PassDeSkins and PassDaBong! There were plenty more, and I regret that I cannot post all of their names...sorry dudes!

Because this mod was created by a small number of people, and they called the WildWest Forums their official forums, everybody knew everybody that played, with regular games and chat sessions on teamSpeak. The team changed their name to InSynerate and although they no longer actively work on this Mod, they still play often and the game itself is in a happy state with little to no work needed for playability.

The WildWest Mod changes the world of 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' from the War times of 1945 to a turbulant 1850; Gone are the Axis, Allies, machineguns, their place you will have a Henry repeater rifle, some Colt .45s, a Volley (which is a shotgun-esque weapon), with the teams comprised of Cowboys and Mexican Bandits. This Mod is the perfect game for any person that wants something a little different from the endless loop of Spawn-->get killed-->Re-Spawn-->etc.

The Official Description:

Set in the later half of the 19th century around the Western states of America bordering Mexico. A land plagued with disputes, lawlessness, gunfights and some of that periods most gruesome characters. An ex-Mexican army captain turned bandit, driven by a personal vendetta, has formed a mob of some of the most ruthless Mexican bandits to sweep a reign of terror through the land. Players can choose to take on the role of a Bandit or Cowboy as these two groups confront each other in all out gunfights through various scenarios. Like RTCW, Each side has access to four classes based on those of RTCW and each class has access to various weapons. There are many new authentic and 1 not quite so authentic WildWest weapons to choose from, including colts, Harper's Ferry musket, Molotov cocktails, Volley rifles, dynamite sticks, and much much more. We intended for WildWest to play at a slightly slower pace than RTCW. We hope that this will make it more like the old western movies and Clint style action where taking cover behind a rock or hiding in a clump of brush can be more beneficial than legging forward with all guns blazing. We aimed to make team play more important in the WildWest than in RtCW, and to this end we believe we have succeeded. Unlike Wolf, taking hits will cause you injury and slow you down. This is great when you're the attacker as you can see the results of your attack on the enemy but if you're the one taking the damage you'll find yourself praying you can make it to cover before your finished! Players can now recuperate some health by resting. If your stamina is at full, you will regain health up to a maximum of 70. Again this should highlight the importance of taking cover when you're under fire or hit, and working as a team.

I invite each of you to download this awesome Mod and enjoy a game that promotes teamwork, along with a some sweet gaming fun! Come say 'hi' to a bunch of avid gamers, and for you Forum Veterans, you may be surprised at some of the names you see!

  • InSynerate (formally WildWest Dev team) Team is:
  • Hewster
  • Capt. Queeg
  • El Dragon
  • Ignacio
  • English Rose

Thanks for reading! =WW= Hfx-Rebel Uber Elite Alpha TesterSource for the partial description Official WildWest information/Download site - Closed but still available Download The WildWest at RTCWFiles Official Forums at FileFront Forums Unofficial Official Forums at Hang 'em High


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