Filesnetwork Monthly Mod Recap - 2nd Edition! Plus a ton of updates!

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Published by AndrewD 14 years ago , last updated 1 year ago
We are back again after another month of awesome downloading and crazy additions to the network. I will start this issue off with a few announcements from myself, as well as the Big Man (Pro-Filer), himself. First off, we launched 2 news sites and 2 new add-ons this month. The first and foremost sites added are Star Wars Battlefront Files and Dawn of War Files. Check out these sites for the latest news related to Star Wars Battlefront and Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War. Secondly, we launched 2 additions to and These additions include support for CounterStrike Source for HL2Files, and Call of Duty United Offensive for Go check those out now! And here now is a direct word from Pro-Filer on some goodies coming up in the future :)
In a few weeks, we'll be introducing our renewed Comments system throughout FilesNetwork. Here are some of the features: - The abillity to reply to someone elses comment directly, after which you're reply will show below that comment. - Edit & Delete buttons! (with certain limitations attached to it, these will be posted when the new system goes live) - Members with more then XXX posts (spam will be removed and won't count) will be able to have an avatar along with their posts (minimum number not yet set) - Your location (example: 'Amsterdam, The Netherlands' or 'Seattle WA, USA') will be shown next to each post (feature not 100% sure yet) - Your postcount will be shown along with each post (feature not 100% sure yet) - Your sign-up date will be shown along with each post (feature not 100% sure yet) Additionally, with these additions / changes, the following will also be introduced: - The membername link above a post will link to a full page with the profile of the member instead of just a form to send them an email (through a form) - Our members area (1st stage) will open where you can edit your profile, add an avatar (if you qualify), change your password, change your email address, and more. - A page listing the Top XX posters for the site you're on as well as a network wide top poster overview. - Probably more stuff that I forgot to include here :)
Thats heard him correctly folks! We WILL have a new commenting system, and let me tell you from the experience I have had with it so far: It :rock:! I promise that you will love it! So anyways, lets get on with the mods shall we? We had a big month and lots of additions, but only the best make it! Lets start! (Americas Army Files): (Armada 2 Files): (Battlefield 1942 Files): (Battlefield 2 Files): (Battlefield Vietnam Files): (Generals Files): (Dawn of War Files): (Doom 3 Files): (FarCry Files): (Half-Life 2 Files): (Star Wars Battlefront Files): (Unreal Tournament 2004 Files): Well folks...thats all for this month! As you can see, the list is getting longer and longer with every edition, and that is a good thing! So stay tuned in for more updates and info regarding changes with FilesNetwork, as well as the mods in the community! See ya! AndrewD: Editor AIM: graphixandrew
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