Final Fantasy VII Remake appears on Epic Games Store database

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Final Fantasy VII has been spotted on a tracking database for the Epic Games Store, along with a remastered version of Alan Wake.

The spot was noted by Twitter user Wario64, who noted that a website that tracked Epic Games Store listings had suddenly added a new game, named HeronStaging, which included references to "Alan Wake Remastered" in its cloud save folder. Similarly, a game codenamed "Pineapple" also had references to Final Fantasy 7 Remastered buried within it.

Final Fantasy VII was exclusive to PlayStation, but its exclusivity expired in April. There's been no official word of a PC port, but it has been long speculated to be in development. Kingdom Hearts, another game published by Square Enix, also went the down the same route, and was released on the Epic Games store.

Similarly, Remedy is working on "two major projects" right now, and they've been hinting at returning to the Alan Wake franchise soon. So while I would still treat this as rumour for now, it does seem to be a strong indication that both games are heading to PC - although both of these have since been removed from the database, so we're unable to verify the authenticity.


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