Final Fantasy XIV currently free for returning players

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

If you've played Final Fantasy XIV previously, but haven't been online for 30 days or more, we have some good news for you - currently returning players are able to get six free days, should you be interested in a potential return to the MMO.

The offer runs until the 16th of August, but even if you start playing right now, you'll only get six days for free from the moment you log back in. 

It all ties into the upcoming launch of Shadowbringers, which may prove a good reason to get back involved in the game, of course you'll need to pay for the new expansion though.

Don't worry if you're a prospective new player, though, as the game has always had a free trial for brand new players that lets you play, with quite a few restrictions, up to level 35 for free.


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