Firefall Introduces Sweeping Changes in Latest Patch

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Posted on March 27, 2013, James Murff Firefall Introduces Sweeping Changes in Latest Patch

Not many developers are willing to drastically redesign their game when faced with negative feedback. This isn’t the case for Firefall, though. The latest patch for the jetpack-riding, exosuit-wearing open-world shooter aims to redesign the game yet again. This marks the third time Firefall has undergone such a drastic change, and here’s hoping it sticks this time.

The obvious alteration is that of progression system. Rather than buying iterative, tiered battleframe improvements, players now get access to specialty frames after they have unlocked enough items in their current battleframe. This seems to be in place to prevent players from being segregated based on the battleframe tier they own, especially since Tier 1 battleframe PvP was all the rage before this patch. Instead of trying to buff everyone to max tier, Red 5 is bringing everyone down to Tier 1 instead. In addition, all battleframes now have a unique ultimate ability which is charged by performing actions in the game world.

There’s a lot of other major changes, though. The crafting system received a complete overhaul that ended up invalidating a good portion of pre-existing resources. If you have some stockpiled, you should be able to turn them into the new resource types. Chosen invasions and attacks are much more dangerous and varied now, instead of being essentially random spawns with relatively minor consequences. There are now interior-based missions that emphasize story progression. Thumpers are more engaging and rewarding.

There’s a lot more in this patch, so be sure to read the whole list of notes on the official site or watch the patch note video below.

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