Five new games heading to Xbox Game Pass for PC

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Yet more titles are making their way to Xbox Game Pass for PC, which is increasingly becoming good value for money despite the lackluster library when it launched. There are a few big titles on the way this time too, including Final Fantasy VII, It Lurks Below, and Xenocrisis.

Final Fantasy VII is one most of you have probably played by now if you had any intention of doing so at all. It originally released on the PlayStation way back in 1997, with its PC port updated and re-released in 2013. It's still considered by many to be the definitive entries in the series and an excellent RPG. 

Another RPG heading to the service will be It Lurks Below, which has been likened to a cross between Diablo and Terraria. It's about to release on consoles, which is why it's now making it's way to Xbox Game Pass on PC after previously being exclusive to Steam.

Trailmakers is another excellent title heading to Game Pass for PC and sees players design their own vehicles, explore the vast world, and enter into races. It's pretty interesting and well worth checking out.

Finally Xenocrisis, an arena shooter is also heading to the service along with Undermine, an action-adventure come RPG. Some games will be leaving the service though, the most notable of which is Kingdom Come: Deliverance, along with Yoku's Island Express, Water Tastes like Wine and Space Hulk: Tactics.


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