Flagship Studios Employees Leaving in Droves Says Programmer Guy Somberg

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Posted on June 11, 2008, Stephany Flagship Studios Employees Leaving in Droves Says Programmer Guy Somberg

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Guy Somberg, audio and gameplay programmer at Flagship Studios, has stated on his personal blog that staff are quitting the studio in droves due to the lack of popularity of Hellgate: London.

In his very depressing post, Guy paints a picture of a man at his wits end, and you cannot help but feel bad for the guy even if you feel that Hellgate: London is one of the most abhorrent games you have ever played. Remember, every gaming studio (with extremely rare exceptions – if any) have had flops, so cut Guy and Flagship a little slack.

Pulled from the post:

Work is depressing right now. Never mind the fact that Hellgate isn’t as popular as anybody had hoped. Never mind the fact that there exists a term “Flagshipped,” meaning where a company basically overpromises and then screws you. Never mind the fact that the forums are totally populated by people who do nothing but complain and talk about how much the game sucks. Never mind the fact that people do the same thing in the game itself.

Yes, Hellgate is not a big success. That sucks, and it’s depressing. I’m keeping a positive attitude about it because of Korea and China. The Koreans really love the game, and the Chinese have yet to see it. I don’t know how any of these deals are structured, but I’m hinging my hopes for Hellgate’s future on the Asian market.

So why is work depressing? (Other than all of those other depressing things, that is.) The reason is that people are leaving. In droves, they’re leaving. We’ve had programmers, accountants, HR people, and artists leave. The founders are all still around, but they’ve been floating away from Hellgate to work on various other projects. The only one still actively on Hellgate is Tyler, but Tyler’s not programming anymore; he spends all of his time on management activities.

Hellgate: London may not have as strong of subscriber numbers as WoW or other MMOs in Europe or North America, but if the Korean Market loves the game, that could at least give Flagship something to look forward to once the game hits China. Providing Hellgate gets the chance. The problem is whether Flagship will be able to justify the cost of the game along with providing enough manpower to keep the game popular over there – if it is is indeed a lucrative market for the studio it will survive. At this point though, from my perspective, things do not look too promising.

If you would like to read the rest of Guy’s downer of a post, you can visit his personal blog by clicking here.

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