Former EA Customer Care Rep Unleashes Hell Via Reddit

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Posted on October 26, 2011, Ross Lincoln Former EA Customer Care Rep Unleashes Hell Via Reddit

Truefact: I’ve worked in customer service before, and I can verify that the only thing worse than the treatment you’ll get from customers who call in is the treatment you get from your employer. Think there’s a chance at advancement? Think again! Think any side project you do for another department at no additional pay will lead to an opportunity to move over? Nope! Grown accustomed to observing holiday traditions like “spending the day with your friends and family”? Sorry pal, you have to work while Every Single Other Department, and also your immediate supervisors, get the day off while you miss Christmas.

The point is that Customer Care employees have to eat a mountain of crap for 8 hours straight, they make less money than anyone else in the company and worst of all, they’re not even treated like they actually work there. (Guess who gets outsourced first?) I still have bad dreams about having to do this kind of work and it’s been years, literally, since I had to. Which is why this awesome diatribe posted to Reddit absolutely made my day. A former member of Electronic Arts’ customer service team has gone absolutely off on his or her former employer:

Sure, most of this won’t come as a shock, and it should be taken with a huge grain of salt. Maybe this guy got fired and just wants to throw mud at the culprit. But still, delicious. More importantly, if you’ve never done time in Customer Service, count yourself lucky. Anyway, there’s much more, and it’s all a pretty fun read. Go. Go now.

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