Fortnite Big Telephone Locations & Numbers Guide

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Two giant telephones have sprung up across the world of Fortnite this past week, but what are they for, and how do they work? Find out the answers to these questions and more with our handy guide to the giant red telephones within the world of Fortnite.

You can find the first phone up at the top of the map, northwest of Lazy Lagoon. Once you've found it, dial 555-0198, this is the phone number for Pizza Pit, and can be found on the side of that building.

The second is southwest of Fatal Fields, and is located within the snowy region - once you get there, dial 555-0152, the number for everyone's favourite fast food joint, Durr Burger, again located on the building itself.

Once you've dialled the two numbers, you'll be rewarded with a bunch of extra XP, bringing you one step closer to those Season Eight rewards you desire so badly.


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