Fortnite is now unplayable as map sucked into giant black hole

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

It's an interesting twist and something I don't think I've ever seen in video gaming before - as it appears that Fortnite has been made unavailable to play intentionally, following the entire map being sucked into a black hole at the end of Season 10.

It's one hell of a marketing stunt - right now launching the game is just met with a black screen with the black hole in the centre of the screen, and nothing else. The game's social channels and Twitch have also gone dark, simply streaming the black hole continuously. 

As you can see, just nothing, blackness. 

As the countdown timer reached it's end, and a meteor came hurtling towards the map signalling the end, several rockets caused a rift in front of the meteor and then lots of weird stuff happened. In the end though, the meteor re-appeared above Loot Lake, hit the map in spectacular style, and now, well...

But what does it all mean? My bet is radical changes, including a brand new map. The current map has existed in one form or another for ten seasons now, so it's not unreasonable for things to get a shake up.

Oh, quick tip for you. If you enter the Konami Code when you launch Fortnite right now, you'll get a neat little Durr Burger mini game. It's good that Konami Code. Works on websites too, I hear...


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