Fortnite OG goes back to the original map and sets concurrent player record

By FileTrekker 25 days ago, last updated 25 days ago

The latest season of Fortnite, known as Fortnite OG, is now underway, and as the name implies, it's heavily rooted in nostalgia for the game's past, specifically the events of Chapter 1.

2018 might not seem like all that long ago, but fans of the game are going nuts for the return to the original map, and the smorgasbord of retro weapons that have returned with it. There's more nostalgia to come, with each update during the season adding a new "phase of the Battle Royale's past."

To put that into context, the version of the map right now represents Season 5 of the original Fortnite (or Chapter 1, if you like) but will slowly evolve as the season progresses with additions and changes that were seen in subsequent seasons. This of it as History 101 for the original Fortnite.

It's proving popular too, with over 3.9 million players online concurrently, smashing the previous record of 2.8 million seen last month when Chapter 4 Season 4 arrived by over a million.

This isn't bad for a game that's the best part of 6 years old. Moreover, it seems to signal that players are missing the game's good old days, proving the old adage that new isn't always better.


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