Fortnite's new Tournament Game Modes have been Leaked

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Published by FileTrekker 1 month ago , last updated 1 month ago

While players have known a new tournaments mode was coming to Fortnite after Epic Games accidentally revealed a new tab during a developer video earlier in the week, little has been known about what exactly it would entail. This has now changed however, as data miners over at Fortnite Intel have delved into Fortnite's files and found some clues, including which game modes are coming to the feature.

The modes found in the game's data suggest Solo, Duos and Squad Tournaments will be coming, and these tournaments will be time limited, with the squads tournament being a Friday only deal. Players will also be able to earn points in tournaments and gain a new pin should they get enough.

The first Duo tournament will be called the Tomato Temple Cup, with the first Solo being the Salty Springs Cup, and they'll be coming at the end of the month, with the Solo cup starting on the 27th, with the weekly Friday squad tournaments being called Fortnite Friday Night.

As well as the new info about the mode, you'll have noticed dotted around this article some new artwork, too, which are apparently new loading screens, we're not sure if they'll be Tournament mode only or pushed to the whole game, but the artwork is very nice nonetheless.

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