Fortnite Season 2 Choppa Locations Guide

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Get to the choppa, or at least, I imagine that's what Arnie would say if he was a big Fortnite player. In any case, Fortnite's 12.20 update is now live, and with it comes a brand new vehicle, the Choppa, which as you've probably guessed by now, is a helicopter.

The Choppa has room for up to five players, four passengers and a pilot. As such it's perfect for squads, and can be used to get the drop on unsuspecting players, even though it has no on-board weaponry of it's own. 

The Choppa is located at a number of locations through the map which are fixed, and as such if you know where they're located, you can get the edge and be one of the first to try get your hands on one.

You might be familiar with various helipads across the Fortnite Season 2 map, and these are the majority of the locations where Choppas spawn. However, to help you out, we've compiled a full guide to all the locations where Choppas can be found.

Craggy Cliffs

Head eastwards towards the hill where you'll find the Fortnite Shadow safe house, and you'll find the choppa located nearby.

Pleasant Park

Head south until you find the area where the football pitch used to be located. Underneath here you'll find one of the helipads with a Choppa standing by.

The Agency

You'll find one of the helipads on the south side of The Agency.

The Grotto

Head towards the centre of The Grotto to find the choppa here.

Misty Meadows

Head to the north side of Misty Meadows, and you'll find a choppa on the larger island near the safe house.

Weather Station

Head to the western side near the Mount Kay peak, and you'll find one of the helipads with a Choppa waiting.

The Rig

There's been some changes to The Rig, but if you head to the east side, you'll also find a Choppa.

Frenzy Farm

Head to the east of Frenzy Farm, then head over the river to the public toilet entrance to another safe house, where you'll find a Choppa.

Holly Hedges

Head to the North of Holly Hedges and out to the area between here and Sweaty Sands, where you'll find another Choppa.

The Yacht

There's a choppa located on the west side of The Yacht.

The Shark

Head to the North West side to find another of the helipads with a Choppa waiting.

And that's all the locations we know of. As you can see there's a limited number of these unique vehicles up for grabs, so if you're interested in using one, memorising these locations can be really useful.


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