Four Year Old PCs Can Run Crysis?

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Posted on August 29, 2007, Steve Four Year Old PCs Can Run Crysis?

CrysisIt seems the crew over at have recently scored an interview with Crytek’s CEO, Cevat Yerli. The interview covers many topics ranging from Crysis gameplay, crashing DX10 drivers, to even *gasp* console discussion. The part of the interview that stuck out the most was Cevat’s comment:

“As a PC game developer you have to make sure your game runs on two to three year old PCs. In fact, the current specification we’re planning for is even four year old PCs.”

Of course, Cevat admits that it won’t look as pretty as it will on a DX10 capable machine. Still, it offers even more hope to those who just can’t fork over the cash for that upgrade come November 16th. Cevat begins the interview by defending Crysis as not being just another Far Cry with better graphics. He touts Crytek’s “smarter than the enemy” gameplay trademark and how the world in Crysis is much more dynamic. Cevat also attributes a lot of this dynamic element to the player’s nanosuit. The game seems to revolve entirely around using the nanosuit, which is where the Crysis slogan “Adapt Engage Survive” seems to stem from.

Cevat then talks shop about Crysis DX9 & DX10 capabilities. Basically, he says Nvidia’s drivers (not Vista) are the cause of a lot of DX10 bugs they’ve ran into (no surprise there); however, they’re confident remaining DX10 bugs will be resolved in the next couple of weeks. The game is very multithreaded and seems to be pushing the poor drivers to the limits. Cevat then takes liberty of bragging about how great Crysis will look on DX9 hardware:

“I would even say some DirectX 10 games out there won’t look as good as ours running DirectX 9.”

If he’s right, then I guess there’s no need to run out an buy that $300 DX10 card just yet. The interview finally spirals into a “we’re worrying about PC first” coy approach to Crytek’s stance on consoles. Crytek apparently has in-house development for consoles (obviously for Cryengine 2 licensing), but Cevat would not admit that Crysis is currently being developed on console.


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