Fourth Anniversary for Cities: Skylines

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Published by Digz 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Cities: Skylines recently celebrated its fourth anniversary and Paradox Interactive have wanted to share some amazing stats with us from the game:

•    Total playtime: 16,938,045 days
•    Total population: 2,185,317,000,000
•    Cities built: 39,733,045
•    Unpopular mayors: 1,911,067
•    Paradox Plazas built: 7,007,128
•    Most popular building: Wind turbine
•    Mods created by the community: 175,970 

The game has certainly been a popular one, with a steady following on Twitch and various YouTube accounts, it's also nice to see the most popular building being a wind turbine - sure looks like we want to keep up our eco-credentials in game too! The game has brought thousands of hours of playtime for a lot of gamers over the years and the developers have announced that there are some surprises coming your way to celebrate the games birthday this weekend so if you're on I'm sure you'll notice them. 

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