G2A promise to repay "10 times what devs loose" from fraud

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

G2A have found themselves in hot water again this past week, as you may have heard, leading to developers starting a campaign to encourage gamers with low incomes to simply pirate their games rather than giving money to the grey-market key-reseller.

It seems now that G2A's PR department are in overdrive, however, as they've promised to repay developers ten times as much money as they loose due to chargebacks, which is where fraudsters use stolen credit cards to purchase CD keys, which ultimately cause the victims to charge back any fraudulant purchases, and in turn, the developer will loose out.

G2A have promised to start using a third party auditing company to discover and investigate any stolen keys on the site using stolen cards, and should it find any, "guarantees" that it will pay all the money back to publishers times ten. It's also offering to cover the costs of the first three audits for the developer, but after that will require the cost to be split 50/50.

The company also hit back at No More Robots, the indie developer who sparked the current wave of controversy, claiming only 8% of games sold on G2A are indie games. Of course, there's no way to verify that figure.

In response, No More Robots said; "We suggest that G2A could surely take an 8% hit to their sales, if it means making 99% of developers in the industry happier, and allowing us to retain the perceived value of our games."

Stay tuned to GameFront for more on this has it happens.


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