Game Spotlight: Windbound is a sea-faring survival against nature

By Kiran Bhatt 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Windbound is a game that will pit you against the elements and nature itself. You are shipwrecked and alone on an uncharted island. To survive, you’ll need to explore, navigate the land and the waters and do what you must to stay alive. In addition, you’ll need to craft weapons to hunt to get food and defend yourself against nature's beasts.

Windbound is an excellent game that forces you to micro-manage your inventory and provide you with great difficulty while you’re making your way in the world. There are different difficulties to choose from, such as survivalist or storytelling; if you choose the harder difficulty, survivalist, you will restart the game upon death.

In survivalist mode, the game doesn’t hold your hand, and it doesn’t hold your hand in storytelling mode either. It’s a challenging game that provides you with a wide variety of tasks to undertake to survive and explore. You’ll find mystery and unexpected revelations along the way that will take you on an adventure you did not expect. Crafting is a key element to the game, and you’ll need to craft your own perfect boat to tackle the seas that you’ll need to navigate. You’ll be under attack not just from sea creatures but also from the sea itself in battling against the waves as well as the wind. Your boat will be required to withstand the elements, including coral which will take you down if you are not careful when sailing.

So put yourself into Tom Hanks’ shoes and take your very own Castaway journey in Windbound; head on over to the Steam store here to check it out.


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