GameFront 2010: Best Mods Of 2010

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Posted on December 2, 2010, Ross Lincoln GameFront 2010: Best Mods Of 2010

Oh, 2010, such a year you’ve been. You reduced the Corey and Golden Girls population by 50%, but you made up for it by being an extremely proliffic year for gaming. And if you’ve been paying attention, you know that the hardest working developers of all have been the modders toiling away for free (or next to nothing), delivering some of the best games you’ll ever play. In many cases, these under-rewarded geniuses even managed to outshine the game they’ve modded.

So you’re looking for an excuse to invest in a gaming computer? We’ll give you one. Here’s GameFront’s staff picks for the best mods of 2010.

Shawn Sines

* Company of Heroes: Eastern Front (For Company of Heroes)

Release Trailer video – Company of Heroes: Eastern Front Mod for Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts – Mod DB

Built like a full on expansion from Relic, this fan made expansion exhibits polish you don’t usually see in a public project. Eastern Front, released in January, added the entire Soviet campaign to the already excellent real-time strategy title. The initial lack of engineer units and limited resources turn standard CoH tactics on their ear.

Get it here. (Official site.)

* Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge (A Full Conversion for Oblivion)

Videos & Audio – Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge Mod for Oblivion – Mod DB

Oblivion may have lately been surpassed by its siblings in the Fallout universe, but if you’re looking for a fantasy game with the Elder Scrolls feel that is different from the usual Tamriel add-on city or town, Nehrim offers a completely new world unaffiliated with Bethesda’s setting. Featuring an entire continent of adventures with a more Gothic visual style and a completely encapsulated story, you won’t find a better reason to reinstall Oblivion anywhere.

Get it here. (Official site.)

* Baldur’s Gate II Redux: Irenicus’ Dungeon (For Dragon Age: Origins)

The first module in a very long process, this mod recreates the opening section of the classic Baldur’s Gate II using the Dragon Age toolkit. For those who can’t stomach the older vissuals or D&D system, this add on is a small taste of what made Baldur’s Gate II such a great game.

Get it here. (Official site.)

Ross Lincoln

* Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Zombies (For Left 4 Dead 2)

We’ve covered this one more than once, and for good reason. Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Zombies is the kind of thing that justifies every mod in existence, period. It is an accurate, real-time and totally faithful recreation of the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye ride at Disneyland. If you’ve ever been to the DL, you know this is one of the only rides that successfully makes the long-as-hell wait almost as much fun as the ride itself, and this mod wisely includes that in its entirety, even the the John Rhys-Davies parts!

Best of all, you can play the campaign normally, battling zombies through the entirety of the classic ride, or simply remove the zombies and ride it like any normal Disneyland patron.

Get it here. (Official page.)

* Fallout Who? (For Fallout 3)

I‘ve been freaking out over this one for months. Fallout Who? inserts the universe of the current Doctor Who series and its spinoff, Torchwood, into the already massive world of Fallout 3. If you need any more convincing then you need to hand in your nerd card immediately.

Currently, there are three different packs (and more to come!): The Last Child of Gallifrey; Captain jack Harkess; and Ghost in the Machine. (Official site.)

* Civil Defense Radio (For Fallout: New Vegas)

A trifle, but one of the most investive mods we saw this year. Civil Defense Radio adds a CONELRAD (Control of Electromagnetic [or Electronic] Radiation) style emergency broadcasting station to New Vegas. It plays 55 music tracks from the early Cold War era, and includes 29 authentic public service announcements from Civil Defense Washington.

Yes it is brilliant and yes it is available from the official page.

* Alley of Murders (for Dragon Age: Origins)

Alley of Murders is first runner up for our favorite mod of 2010, and it is guaranteed to blow your mind. For lack of a better way to put it, Alley of Murders inserts a James Ellroy-esque murder investigation into the middle of your Dragon Age: Origins campaign. You’ll investigate a series of murders occuring in seedy medieval slums, and bring the killer to justice. Think L.A. Noire in Middle English. It’s a welcome change of pace from the constant spellcasting/darkspawn battling/court intrigue of the main game and most definitely worth your time.

Get it from the official page.

* C&C The Forgotten (For Command & Conquer 3)

We can’t say anything about this completely brilliant combination of modding and fan fiction, so we’ll simply paraphrase our original post on this amazing gam. Command And Conquer 3: The Forgotten, is a project that spanned the globe, taking 38 people nearly 3 years to complete. This huge C&C3 mod might also just be the most epic fan fiction ever attempted.

It focuses on the Forgotten, the loosely confederated group of heavily mutated humans first seen in Tiberian Sun, later revealed in Firestorm to be fully allied with the Global Defense Initiative. This faction has been heavily downplayed and all but written out of subsequent C&C games, so the makers of The Forgotten set about recitifying this error. The result is a truly epic mixture of gameplay and original storytelling that probably deserves to have a new modding + Fanfic genre created in its honor. The Forgotten takes what previously existed as a minor plot point and turns them into a major C&C faction. It boasts original units and structures, a “return to classic RTS gameplay”, the return of classic units like the Tick Tank and Hunter-Seeker Drone and yes, originally produced, cheesy live action cut scenes.

Get it here. (Official site.)

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