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Posted on November 30, 2010, Mark Burnham Bug Reports

Well, we knew this would happen…

GameFront is a big site with many moving, old, grumpy parts. We’re going to experience some technical hiccups along the way, guaranteed. This page will help keep you up to speed, bug-wise. We’ll keep a running list of bugs as we spot them, and track their squashing as well.

Also, feel free to drop a comment if you spot something we haven’t. This will help us improve the site faster. Thanks for your patience!


  • Clicking through to a “File Hub” from a game page doesn’t work if that game has special characters in the title
  • If you search for a file with special characters, often you’ll get no results. Example: “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood”
  • Screenshots aren’t showing up correctly on Game Landing Pages
  • The “Submit a File” function isn’t working properly. The “Game to submit to” field usually has an auto-complete function, allowing you to start typing and select games in our database from a list. But that’s broken. So, in order to successfully submit a file, you would need to type the name of the game exactly as it appears in our database. We’re sorry about this, and working to fix it ASAP.
  • Dropdown menus for genre, platform, etc., often don’t return results. This is a biggie, and we’re working on it (UPDATE 12/02/10: This has improved. Dropdowns now work pretty well, but not all the time. We’re working on it!)
  • When you click a file title in search results…you can’t. It’s not a link (12/02/10).
  • Some thumbnails are different sizes on the homepage. We know, our fault. New posts won’t have that issue (12/02/10).
  • Some text on articles is white, and therefore invisible (12/02/10).
  • Page numbers at the bottom of the site look weird.
  • When you click through to a “tag” page, it is ugly.
  • Text is floating outside the “Breaking News” box on the homepage.

Unresolved Bugs

  • When you create an account, if you enter incorrect information in one of the fields and try and submit, the error message is unreadable because it’s invisible (same color as background).
  • Some URLs are still “,” and not “” Migrating the site to a new domain is a big undertaking, one that will be done in phases. We’re working on it.
  • Pagination at the bottom of Game Landing Pages does not work, kicks you back to page 1.
  • Our Facebook/Twitter/RSS feed links on the homepage don’t work yet.
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