GameFront’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Clothing

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Posted on November 25, 2014, Ron Whitaker GameFront’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Clothing

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Not everything that comes with being a gamer is tech and titles. Wearing your fandom on your sleeve is pretty easy with some great shirts, jackets and hoodies that not only say, “I play games,” but also, “I do it with style, fool.” And if you’re the kind of gamer who wants to occasionally brand him- or herself with their favorite titles, but perhaps not be too obvious about it (haven’t we all had those situations in which a Yoshi shirt is just a little too much), we’ve got that covered too.

Delve into the guide below to find a few of the coolest bits of gaming apparel we’ve come across this year, and feel free to leave your own favorite suggestions in the comments.

Clementine “Still Not Bitten” T-Shirt

Price: $25.52
Buy It For: Telltale’s The Walking Dead fans, people who don’t take anybody’s guff
Buy it from: Redbubble
Recommended by: Phil Hornshaw

If I had to pick my favorite game character from 2014, it would be — without a doubt — Clementine of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Season 2. This shirt is an homage to Clementine’s ass-kicking no-nonsense sure-I’m-a-child-but-that-doesn’t-mean-I’m-not-preternaturally-capable attitude in Episode 1 of Season 2, in which she has to explain to a bunch of jerkish adults that a dog bite and a zombie bite are not the same thing. Featuring Clem’s iconic hat, this shirt tells people that apocalypse or not, they need to back the hell off.

Mass Effect N7 faux-leather jacket

Price: $98.00
Buy It For: Mass Effect superfans, that gamer you know who spends just a little too much time looking at Commander Shepard fan art
Buy It From: Bioware Store
Recommended by: Phil Hornshaw

Like collectibles, BioWare puts out some pretty impressive pieces of “geeky, but not too geeky” clothing for its fans, and at the top of the heap is the recently released N7 faux-leather jacket. The bad-ass coat is inspired by the armor of everyone’s favorite reporter-punching space savior, featuring the iconic N7 coloring, but it also has going for it the fact that it just looks cool. It’s also fully lined with dual inside pockets, so you can maybe hide a heavy pistol in there — for close encounters.

Dark Souls bonfire t-shirt

Price: $24.27
Buy It For: Dark Souls fans, people constantly praising the sun, James Heaney
Buy It From: Redbubble
Recommended by: Phil Hornshaw

Sure, we could have gone for the obvious and gaudy “Praise the Sun!” shirt here, but we’re classier than that. This Dark Souls shirt is all about understatement — it’s one of those “only people who KNOW will know” kind of shirts, which is nice, but it’s also features a slick design of the series’ all-important bonfires that’s all artistic and cool-looking. The result is a Dark Souls shirt you can be proud of on multiple levels, and won’t have people wandering up and asking if it’s a shirt referencing a certain British comedy troupes certain movie featuring a certain knight with a certain number of “flesh wounds.”

Wasteland 2 Desert Ranger tee

Price: $21.99
Buy It For: Wasteland 2 fans, people who want to gloat about finally backing a Kickstarter that didn’t suck
Buy it from: Jinx
Recommended by: Phil Hornshaw

Another entry in the “understated to its credit” t-shirt category is this Wasteland 2 tee — one that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing somebody else’s billboard on your chest. Instead, it references the game’s Desert Ranger faction, the guys who go out and help survivors of nuclear devastation, uh, be less devastated. The shirt itself is available both in gray and royal blue, but only in men’s versions and sizes or some reason — but if you can get over that fact (should you not happen to be a men), it’s still a cool-looking piece of apparel that shows your love for kickstarting awesome RPGs to other Desert Rangers.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Inquisitor Hoody

Price: $68
Buy It For: Dragon Age fans, people who need warm winter clothing
Buy it from: BioWare Store
Recommended by: Phil Hornshaw

I know, I know, another BioWare thing, but we couldn’t give love to Mass Effect without acknowledging the RPG franchise that actually has an installment this year. In the Dragon Age: Inquisition camp comes this Inquisitor hoodie, which, like the N7 jacket, is perfectly balanced between “I’m a superfan” and “I just threw this on because it’s cool-looking.” The hoodie itself has chain mail print on the arms, a custom zipper, and eyelets to string headphones up through the hood. Just note that as of today, the hoodie is on pre-order and won’t be available till Dec. 1.

Chell Leggings

Price: $34.99
Buy It For: Any Portal fan, leggings fan or first-time cosplayers looking for an easy outfit.
Buy It From: We Love Fine
Recommended by: Janelle Bonanno

By now, we all know the cake is a lie. Thankfully, these leggings aren’t. Chell, the silent protagonist of Portal, might not be best known for her test subject fashion sense, but she has no problem lending some inspiration for your wardrobe. Modeled after the bottom half of Chell’s jumpsuit and her Long Fall Boots, these leggings pair perfectly with a long black shirt or sweater, while adding some geek love to your ensemble.

Heroes of the Storm Kerrigan Tee

Price: $24.00
Buy It For:
Buy It From: Blizzard
Recommended by: Phil Hornshaw

Who doesn’t want to sport a look inspired by the Queen of Blades?

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