GameFront’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Collectibles

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Posted on November 25, 2014, Ron Whitaker GameFront’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Collectibles

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Sometimes, just playing the games isn’t enough. Sometimes you want to have a little something extra to show off your love of a game. T-shirts are a good place to start (and you can find a few on the clothing page of this guide), but this page shows off some ideas for those who want to go a little further.

If you’ve got gamers in your life, here are a few collectibles that are sure to please.

Hearthstone Coasters

Buy It For:
Buy it from: Blizzard
Recommended by: Janelle Bonanno

Every gamer needs to protect their desk, and there’s no better way to do that than with these sandstone coasters adorned with the Hearthstone logo. Grab a set for the Hearthstone fanatic on your list.

Transistor Soundtrack

Price: $14.99 (physical copy), $9.99 (digital download)
Buy It For: game music fans, Transistor fans, Supergiant Games fans
Buy It From: Supergiant Games, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play
Recommended by: Phil Hornshaw

Following up to its 2011 hit Bastion is Supergiant Games’ indie strategic action-RPG Transistor. Bastion had one of the best soundtracks off the year when it was released, and true to form, Transistor’s original soundtrack from composer Darren Korb is among the best this year. Available on both CD and as a digital download, Transistor features more than 60 minutes of original rockish, jazzy music from the game, plus an exclusive bonus track not featured in the game and an extended track featured in the game’s original reveal trailer. This one’s a must for the game music fan in your life, and anybody who enjoys a great soundtrack in general.

Dishonored: Dunwall Archives

Price: $40
Buy It For: Lovers of game story, Dishonored fans, people who like to read game stuff without playing a game
Buy It From: The Bethesda Store
Recommended by: Phil Hornshaw

Arkane Studio’s Dishonored is a couple years old at this point, but the amount of lore packed into its game world remains pretty impressive even as we move full-force in the new generation of consoles and their accompanying titles. Dishonored: Dunwall Archives compiles all that in-game lore, spread through various books and documents scattered across Dishonored’s many missions, into one hard-bound limited edition volume. If there’s a game story fan in your life, you might consider snagging the Dunwall Archives to give them something extensive into which to delve. It’s also a great gift for the collector of obscure gaming items, since Bethesda is printing a mere 500 of these limited volumes.


Price: $14.24
Buy It For: Children, Smash Brothers fans, figurine lovers, and anyone who holds any nostalgia towards classic Nintendo characters
Buy it from: Amazon
Recommended by: Mitchell Saltzman

After the successes of Skylanders and Disney Infinity, Nintendo saw fit to toss their own cap into the collectible/peripheral ring with the first set of Amiibo figurines. The first set includes 12 Nintendo mascot characters, including Mario, Peach, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Kirby, Fox, Marth, Villager and Wii Fit Trainer. In addition to simply looking like a great addition to any Nintendo fan’s desk of collectibles, these little figurines can also be used in conjunction with games like Mario Kart 8 and Smash Brothers, as well as the upcoming Mario Party 10, Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker, and Yoshi’s Wooly World to unlock special features for those games. In Mario Kart 8′s case, placing an Amiibo on top of the Wii-U gamepad’s sensor will unlock a special costume of that character to be worn by your personal Mii. The big selling point is how the Amiibo’s are used in Smash Brothers Wii-U. Players can scan in their Amiibos and then play as or against them in the game. Amiibos will level up the more they are played with; learning from you and developing a fighting style similar to how you play. Amiibo figures will most likely be a big part of many big Wii-U titles going forward, and while collecting all 12 of the starting set may be a pricey endeavor, getting at least one or two will let you check out some neat features that are otherwise inaccessible.

Butt Stallion Mug

Price: $14.00
Buy It For: Your favorite Borderlands fan
Buy it from: 2K Store
Recommended by: Janelle Bonanno

This 11 oz. black coffee mug is emblazoned with the iconic image of Butt Stallion, Handsome Jack’s favorite pony. Borderlands fans can have their coffee while silently showing off their mastery of Borderlands 2.

Mass Effect Tali Statue

Price: $330 ($100 deposit)
Buy It For: Mass Effect superfans, someone worthy of expensive gifts
Buy It From: BioWare Store
Recommended by: Phil Hornshaw

You’ve gotta hand it to BioWare — they make some damn cool collectibles. One of the latest to come out of the wallet-murdering BioWare Store is a 19-inch statuette of Mass Effect character Tali. The highly detailed figurine of Mass Effect’s best character (yup, I said it) by artist Gurjeet Singh deserves a place of honor on a desk or shelf, and it’ll scratch your rare-stuff collector itch, too: BioWare’s limiting the run to only 1,000 units. The only bummer is that the Tali statue is currently out of stock, so if you mean to gift it to the ME lover in your life, they might have to wait a few — or several — months.

Destiny Soundtrack

Price: $8.99 (digital)
Buy It For: Destiny fans, game music lovers
Buy It From: iTunes, Amazon
Recommended by: Phil Hornshaw

Bungie’s persistent-world space shooter Destiny does at least one thing very well: it awesomely conveys an epic sense of scale thanks to a vast, gorgeous soundtrack. Invoking the kind of Bungie sound that made the Halo soundtracks universally awesome, the Destiny soundtrack mixes sweeping orchestral marches with reverent, stirring vocal choruses. There’s a ton of music on this soundtrack — better than two hours’ worth — and even if you’re not in love with Destiny, it’s hard not to want to jack the volume on the themes for the game’s biggest fight scenes.


Price: $20
Buy It For: Wolfenstein fans, classic music fans, vinyl-loving hipsters
Buy It From: Bethesda Store
Recommended by: Phil Hornshaw

In creating Wolfenstein: The New Order and its alternate historical timeline, developer MachineGames and publisher Bethesda also created some brilliant pop culture tidbits to make the world feel real. The best is a series of 1960s pop songs that came out of the Nazi-dominated alt-history, recorded in German and which have been compiled on a two-sided special edition red vinyl record. Bethesda has only printed 500 of the individually numbered albums, so not only do you get a soundtrack from a 1960s that never existed, you also get a little bit of collectible cache to boot.

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