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Posted on September 14, 2007, Shawn Sines GamerDad Heartbreaker

gamerdadnkids1.jpgAndrew S. Bub, known to many on the internet as the original Gamer Dad and proprietor of the GamerDad.com website, suffered a heart attack on September 2nd. While he had to have follow on surgery to correct his heart issues he is not out of the woods yet. Today he is scheduled to continue surgery and his wife and partner is asking for our support.

Andrew is a stand up guy whose life revolves around supporting the idea that games can be a family friendly positive experience. I’ve interviewed him in the past and it always amazed me just how professionally and competently he worked to offer a resource to parents and the public to find good sources of review for game products.

Andrew’s site specializes in offering a place where parents can find frank talk about current games and suggestions on how to select family friendly positive games. The community that has grown around the page includes aging gamers who can share common experiences about child raising and game playing as well as uninformed or unfamiliar parents looking for sound guidance.

Linda, Andrew’s wife, has posted a link on the GamerDad website for those who wish to donate some money to help maintain the website and its message of positive gaming between parents and children.

Send checks and money orders to:

PO Box 070265
Milwaukee, WI 53207

ALL proceeds will be used to help GamerDad and his websites promote his vision and ideas about “Gaming with Children.”

Please help him continue to raise awareness of the positives of gaming, using his website for information to help us parent better. I so believe in what he is doing, seeing his passion for myself at a recent gaming convention solidified it for me. He’s meant to do this; he is the sane voice when it comes to gaming. I was to start a column on GamerDad but he had his heart attack. This only makes me want to do this more. Thank you for any help you can give him.
GamerDad is all right and will be coming home soon. We’ll keep you posted.

Thanks, in advance, for your generosity,

Linda Denison Bub
The GamerMom

Please, if you can find the room in the budget, show just how charitable and good this community can be by donating to help. Gaming Today Wishes Andrew and Linda the best. Hopefully he’ll be back at the helm shortly.


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