Gamers Strike Back Against Cooper Lawrence On Amazon

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Posted on January 23, 2008, William Gamers Strike Back Against Cooper Lawrence On Amazon


*UPDATE* Unfortunately, Amazon is now deleting any one-star negative reviews of the book.

After hearing the offensive and biased attack against Mass Effect on Fox News, I decided to check out some links on Cooper Lawrence, the psychologist who took part in the biased strike on the game. I came across her book on titled ‘The Cult of Perfection: Making Peace with Your Inner Overachiever’. It was interesting to see that the page was full of one-star reviews of her book mostly coming from gamers. Shawn covered the topic HERE yesterday. This is definitely one of the reasons I love the internet. She may think that it’s ok to bash a product she has never used and gamers are now bashing a book they have never read to drop her book rating on Amazon. Currently, there over 40 negative reviews posted. Check out the Amazon link HERE if you’d like to throw your two cents in or to just read some of the funny comments against her. Personally, I would never purchase advice from a psychologist who doesn’t do research on the topics she talks about. If Fox News and other media outlets want a war against gaming, they’ve picked an industry full of hard-core fans who aren’t going to sit back and take it anymore.

Some of the witty comments included:

I am giving Ms. Lawrence a poor review because she makes assumptions that are not based on fact. During her Fox news report, she blatantly lied and completely misinformed the public. This is not acceptable behavior, and how does she expect me to read her book and believe what she has to say? She completely threw her credibility out the window. Mass Effect is a PG-13 game (and even that is pushing it, I’d consider it “PG”) that is “M” rated because the ESRB is harsher than the MPAA. I think she should denounce Rap music rather than things she knows nothing about. And her comment about knowing what young boys think is absolutely laughable at best.

I respect you, Ms. Lawrence, I really do, but please, do some research before you try to convince the public not to support something.

I caught her doing a segment on Fox News. She spent 3 minutes attacking a product she hadn’t used, and actually made assumptions about the quality and use of the product. I suppose when you are so busy trying to overachieve and look perfect, you don’t have time for fact checking. Shame.

Excuse me “Darling”, I guess I don’t have to read your book to bash it the same way you don’t have to play or even research a game you are talking about before you go on Fox News and spout your ignorance as fact. You are a moron and an attention [expletive deleted].

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