Gang Hideouts come to GTA V

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

The gang hideouts feature from Red Dead Redemption was a nice diversion when you wanted get yourself caught up in a simple, honest, man vs. the world gunfight; sadly, and somewhat inexplicably, the feature never made it to GTA V; until now.

This mod allows you to hunt down gang headquaters across the Los Santos area, exactly like you could in Red Dead Redemption. There are several new, unique hideouts which have been added, along with hideouts which already exist in the game. The mod also adds new enemy gangs, such as corrupt police officers and hippies.

The idea is simple; find the enemy HQ, make bodies, loot the place and leave.

It's an absolutely natural fit for GTA V: one of the great things about San Andreas for example was it's gang warfare system. Raidable enemy bases make perfect sense here.

The mod requires a few extra mods to work, these being the Build a Mission mod and the OpenInteriors mod, which you can download from these respective links. 

You can download the mod now from here.

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