Gas Station Simulator Set For September Release

By Digz 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Gas Station simulator is set for a release in September in PC and the console versions are set for release in 2022. The PC release will be via Steam and will have a 10% launch discount.

Despite it seeming a little crazy the game has well over 10 million views on YouTube for its gameplay and even more on other streaming sites. The games simple focus on buying a disused gas station and building it back up again as taken the hearts and minds of not only simulator fans but also tycoon fans too!

There are a load of customisation options you can do to your gas station and you can select from more than 100 of those expansion and upgrade options. The game contains minigames and other activities that'll make sure you aren't just focusing on the gas part, you'll have to serve over 20 customer types and more than 50 unique customers to keep you guessing and expanding in different ways.

Will you join the hype or are you going to carry on watching the streams? Head on over to the games Steam store page here.


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