GDC 11: Top Ten Best Moments of the GDCA and IGF Awards

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Posted on March 3, 2011, Ben Richardson GDC 11: Top Ten Best Moments of the GDCA and IGF Awards

Unlike other recent awards ceremonies that shall remain nameless, the GDCA and IGF Awards had their fair share of amusing and exciting moments. We’ve tabulated the 10 best, below, in no particular order.

  1. No one showing up to claim Cut the Rope’s prize for best handheld game.
    If the developer had hung himself in his hotel room that night, the irony would outweigh the tragedy.
  2. The developers of Nidhogg claiming their award in Green Man-style orange and yellow body suits, matching the two monochromatic characters in their game.
    If only the Red Dead Redemption developers had ridden up to the stage to accept their prizes on horseback.
  3. Peter Molyneux, while thanking his wife, referring to the conception of his son as a “window of opportunity.”
    Does he need to perform a combination quicktime event/emote to get her to give it up? Or is the act itself a “quicktime event?”
  4. Magnus Persson, at a loss for something to say after accepting his umpteenth award, giving props to Super Meat Boy.
    Acceptance speeches are hard, especially when you have to give five of them.
  5. Tim Schafer, introducing the “Best Debut Game” category. “If they work really hard, they will either sue or be sued by Bobby Kotick!”
    Fuel, meet fire.
  6. Mega64 Video, “The Most Independent Game in the World,” featuring Wal-Mart as the end boss.
    That f#@cking smiley face has an insta-kill “Rollback Attack” that gets me every time!
  7. Helsing’s Fire developer Lucas Pope accepting his award: “There’s an old song that goes “What is love/Baby don’t hurt me/Don’t hurt me/No more.”
    I wonder how long he mulled over doing that before he finally worked up the courage?
  8. Tim Schafer, putting Roger Ebert in his place, while introducing the Visual Arts award. “There is art inside of games, but the games themselves are not art — this is sort of hard to explain. You see, we wrap the art in a thick layer of non-art that we call gameplay. That hides the art, and neutralizes its ability to connect with people and express emotion – like botox.”
    Tim has always been one of the very best non-artists in the world.
  9. Rockstar Dev Wearing a “The Lost MC” shirt under his blazer.
    Not only did you not get dressed up for the occasion, dude, but you’re wearing a shirt you presumably got for free.
  10. Amnesia: The Dark Descent developer Jens Nilsson, accepting his award: “Mom and Dad, you don’t need to use an egg clock any more to tell me how long I can play games! It worked out OK!”
    My parents totally did this. I still hate f#@cking egg timers. I don’t really even care for eggs.
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