Gears 5 is currently available FREE until April 12th

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Yep, that's right, Gears 5 is currently available to play completely for free until the 12th of April. You won't be able to keep the game after that date without purchasing it, but there's plenty of time there to get a real grip for the game and even complete the campaign if you've got time on your hands.

The offer covers both the Steam and Windows Store versions of the game, but not Xbox One sadly. It's part of Microsoft's Free Play Days, an initiative that gives gamers a chance to try out games for a limited period. The scheme usually is exclusive to Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, but in light of recent times, this one's on the house for everyone.

You'll also get the Batista Bomb execution and in-game character, based on WWE wrestler Batista, if you play the game between now and the 20th of April. As you can see from the footage above, he looks pretty badass.

You'll be able to enjoy multiplayer for free too, and this is a good time to jump in as the new Operation 3 Gridiron update just dropped, which has a new gridiron mode that is somewhat similar to CTF.


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