Gears 5 multiplayer tech test is live right now

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

The Gears 5 multiplayer tech test, which has long been anticipated by fans looking forward to the next instalment in the series, is now live, although not without a few hitches.

The tech test started earlier on today and can be accessed by anyone who has pre-ordered the game, as well as Xbox Game Pass holders. It includes the new Arcade mode, which is designed to be a new, more "approachable" form of online multiplayer, offering fast, frantic gameplay.

The technical test didn't get off to the smoothest start though, with players getting kicked for inactivity despite being active in games, along with other errors such as issues with the queuing system, and general server flakiness.

That's expected, though, it is a test after all. The idea was for the developers to stress test the servers, and work towards making sure the launch experience is as good as can be;

For our PC fans, it gives us a critical opportunity to get the game onto PCs with unique combinations of hardware and software at scale. If any unforeseen issues arise, it gives us the opportunity ahead of launch to identify and address any issues ahead of release. And of course, getting the Tech Test into your hands means we can gather your valuable feedback on each of the three modes to inform our development as we march towards launch day and beyond.

Other game modes included in the tech test include Escalation, King of the Hill and Bootcamp Training modes, and includes two multiplayer maps. 

Those who take part will unlock special "tester" weapon skins for use when the full game releases. The current test is running through until July 21st, so be sure to get involved.


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