Gears 5 players get rewards due to Early Access issues

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Gears 5's official launch yesterday went relatively smoothly, but for the Early Access customers who got the game on September 5th, there were several dramas with multiplayer, such as server connection and matchmaking issues.

To make up for the early access difficulties, it seems, The Coalition are going to be giving those affected five days of Boost and 600 scrap, a nice little bonus, which the company say is a 'token of our appreciation'.

Despite plenty of testing, it's not entirely surprising to see a game like this face issues in it's first few days. It could be argued the Early Access  may even been seen as a late beta test - an argument made by some gamers - who are feeling like they've been cheated out enjoying the early access, which costs more than the standard game. 

I don't personally believe that's the case - if you're going to go for a game like this with Early Access, much like any other game of this nature, expect server issues on Day 1. It's really hard to be able to properly account for the complexity of providing a service on it's first day of true operation.

Still, the bonus items are a nice gesture, and hopefully go some way to help smooth over these small cracks.

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