Gears of War 3 Collectibles Guide

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Published by GameFront Staff 7 years ago , last updated 2 months ago
Every game, by law, must have collectibles. At least Gears of War 3 has added little text blurbs to go with some of these little secret items laying around, giving you more insight into the world of Gears of War 3. For those interested in finding everything and unlocking every achievement, you’re in the right place. Scroll down to find a list of every collectible with a short description of where to find it.

If you’re getting stuck in the campaign while searching for these trinkets, check out Game Front’s complete text and video walkthrough. For more content and extras on Gears of War 3, check out our cheats page.

Achievements Unlocked

While finding the collectibles, you’ll unlock four achievements. Here they are, just to keep you achievement hunters interested.

Collector (5G): Find 5 collectibles while playing the campaign.

Pack-Rat (10G): Find 20 collectibles while playing the campaign.

Hoarder (15G): Find all 42 collectibles while playing the campaign.

Remember the Fallen (15G): Find all 15 COG Tags.

Collectibles Guide

Act 1


  1. Prologue: To find this COG Tag, follow your friend by walking into a dank room with boarded up windows. He’ll leave through the door ahead to your right. Turn around to find a door just right of the entrance. Kick it down to find the first collectible.
  2. Chapter 1: Find a 20$ Bill inside the kitchen, inside Marcus’ cabin on the table.
  3. Chapter 1: In the hull of the ship, take a left to enter a medical room where a woman is sitting on her bunk. Look for a metallic medical tray, that’s where you’ll find the Psych Report.
  4. Chapter 1: Before heading up a flight of stairs, still down in the ship’s hull, hang a left into a repair shop. Inside, next to one of those floating invisible drones on the desk, you’ll find a Requisition Form.
  5. Chapter 1: Always be on the lookout for red Skull and COG insignias, they signify nearby COG tags. Find the insignia against a shipping container, move left under the awning above and look up to see an ugly corpse hanging under the railing. Shoot it and the COG tag will drop to the ground.
  6. Chapter 2: Pull the lever to open a garage door, then look to your left instead of entering the mech suit. Against the left wall, you’ll find the Silverback Manual.
  7. Chapter 3: Kick open the door to your left, near a poster to enter into a small enclosed space. Run past the empty seating to find a journal on the ground in front of the abandoned shop.
  8. Chapter 3: Entering the school yard, look on the jungle gym and play equipment. Climb up onto the fort, or use the slide, to get up and find the diary in the corner.
  9. Chapter 3: Inside the abandoned supermarket, look on one of the check-out surfaces to find a grocery list.
  10. Chapter 3: In the backroom, look in the office marked with a red insignia, the COG tag is just on the desk next to the computer.
  11. Chapter 4: Look behind a shipping container pressed up against a corner to find this newspaper clipping on the floor, near some pallets.
  12. Chapter 4: Stepping out into the open of the shipping center, turn left to see a red insignia spraypainted onto the wall. Follow it onto a wooden dock to find another COG tag.
  13. Chapter 5: On the upper level, enter one of the open store fronts with weapons inside. Just look behind the counter to the right of the shining weapons to find this collectible season pass.
  14. Chapter 5: In the section still under construction, look for an alcove with some extra ammo and a bright blue vending machine. The handbook is just near the machine on the floor.
  15. Chapter 5: On the stadium field, look near a woman’s body laying against a stack of abandoned boxes under a makeship tent.
  16. Chapter 6: Nearing the toll booths, look for steps leading into the middle booth. Instead of going inside, look to the right of the steps to find this bag of tokens.
  17. Chapter 6: On the destroyed bridge, enter the open shipping container and break the wooden crate inside to find a collectible hidden in the shadows.
  18. Chapter 6: In a dark area, look for a ladder leading down into the catwalks below the bridge. Slide down the ladder and run to a circular center section where you’ll find the shining COG tag.
  19. Chapter 6: Climb up a ladder to reach an exit out onto a high platform far above the bridge’s road below. Hang a right to follow your teammates, but as you reach steps leading up, look on the floor right of the steps to spot this book.

Act 2


  1. Chapter 1: As you pass a red shipping container, kick open the doors to get inside and grab the guide book inside.
  2. Chapter 1: Nearing the crashed chopper, look next to the junk embedded in the ground near the water to find this medal.
  3. Chapter 1: Continuing the mission, you’ll find a large open arena where two Locust Drones are near a Longshot rifle. Directly above those two, you’ll be able to spot a wooden crate hanging from the cliff above. Blast the crate until it breaks and out drops this collectible log book.
  4. Chapter 1: Reaching a section where you find green smoke billowing up, look to the left of a few shipping containers to find the cog tag on the ground in a corner where two of the shipping containers meet.
  5. Chapter 3: After successfully sniping a series of snipers in a large open area without being caught, a door will open as three Locust Drones come out to investigate. Run into the open door and look for baskets near some ammo and a piece of cover. The COG tag is right on the ground between the baskets and cover.
  6. Chapter 4: Running down through the last of a series of bunkers, before leaving, look right for a stack of crates. As you pass by, turn around to find this hammer on the ground.
  7. Chapter 5: Leaving the indoors and heading out to a large vista, where Locust are taking potshots at you, immediately turn right to find an old bunker with the gate fallen. Inside, you’ll find the collectible symbol.
  8. Chapter 6: Stepping into a firefight on the wrecked highway, instead of heading into the fight to your right, turn left and run towards the blinding light of the sun. In the corner of a car wreck, you’ll find this manifest.
  9. Chapter 6: Run up steps from the streets below up onto a platform where Locusts are shooting down at you. At the top, turn right and run towards an open concrete building. Inside you’ll find the COG tag in the corner, on the floor.

Act 3


  1. Chapter 1: Just to the right of the weapons cabinet, in the beginning of the chapter, you’ll find this plaque hanging on the wall.
  2. Chapter 1: Run upstairs and hang a right down the hallway, entering the first large room to your right. You’ll spot the large painting hanging on the wall right away. Use the right-most set of stairs to reach this area before leaving the building.
  3. Chapter 1: Running down a catwalk, find this collectible in the corner of the wooden building before leaving through the front gate.
  4. Chapter 2: When a scary lambent Berserker shows itself, run towards a glowing ammo crate in one of the corners, you’ll find the journal nearby. Look behind the building in the center of the arena.
  5. Chapter 2: While still fighting the monstrous berserker, look in one of the corner for a stack of wooden crates. Follow the left wall of the arena after leaving the main gate.
  6. Chapter 4: Going downstairs inside the old ruined mansion, look in the alcove to the right of the large windows where you’ll find a flamethrower weapon. Near the weapon is also another collectible note.
  7. Chapter 4: Smash through the wooden barricade to get inside. Turn right and head into the back alley. The dog tags are lying in crusty blood behind a pile of sandbags.
  8. Chapter 4: Upstairs in the town hall, look for this note laying on the floor down the left hallway, before heading down the steps ahead.
  9. Chapter 5: In the mines, look for a sign posted on one of the support beams to your left. Instead of taking off towards the elevator, turn left and climb the ledge to find this sign.

Act 4


  1. Chapter 1: Fight through some Lambent enemies while hugging the left wall. Eventually, you’ll find a small shell of a structure with a trash fire burning inside. Look inside the shipping container laying on it’s front panel to find this COG tag.
  2. Chapter 2: Near the beginning of the chapter, kick down the door of a small destroyed structure to your right after leaving the tower. The collectible is inside, on the floor.
  3. Chapter 3: Before running up the wide steps leading up into the building ahead, turn left and run around to the side, around some makeshift structures, to find a collectible order form on the grou1nd near a Lancer and a fence.
  4. Chapter 3: Running through the burning building, eventually you’ll enter a living room with a couch to your right. The magazine collectible is somewhat hidden underneath the couch.
  5. Chapter 4: Entering a shipyard from another hangar, look around for a very large shipping container with the red insignia spray painted on the side. When you spot it, circle around to find a dark alcove with this magazine clipping on the ground.
  6. Chapter 5: Crossing on a walkway through the ship, look right across the gap for a red insignia spray painted on a shipping container. Run forward and circle right around the gap to reach an open space behind the shipping container. The COG tag is on the ground right in that corner.
  7. Chapter 5: Running downstairs into a large maintenance room, look left for an open passage into a smaller side room. Inside that room, you’ll find the bulletin on the floor.
  8. Chapter 5: Run upstairs and across the catwalk to enter a hanging office where the collectible is on the floor to the left of the entrance near some cabinets.

Act 5

  1. Chapter 1: Run upstairs and look to the left end of the hallway to find this pamphlet on the floor. Grab it before killing all the enemies in the area to avoid a cutscene.
  2. Chapter 1: Dash ahead through the caves while hugging the left wall down a passage, leading into a walled structure. In the back right corner, you’ll find the plans.
  3. Chapter 2: Grab the mech suit and take it with you into the large elevator. Ride up, jump back into the suit, and step off as the elevator malfunctions. Walk into the dark hallway and look left for an alcove leading to a large set of double doors. Use the mech to break the doors open, then jump out to find a COG tag inside the room.
  4. Chapter 2: In the lobbery, press the bright flashing button behind the desk in the center of the lobby. Look against the right wall to see the painting move and reveal a safe, that also opens. Grab the schematics inside.
  5. Chapter 3: Running through the hallways of the tower, run down the left-most hall and stop where the hall continue to your right. Against the left wall there is a dead bloody body, and a strange panel on the floor. Interact to smash the tile and get your hands on this hidden collectible cash.
  6. Chapter 3: Run up the circular staircase and enter the circular waiting area filled with red couches. Look on the table near a box of ammo to find a collectible diary.
  7. Chapter 3: Continue ahead of the falling pillars in the train station, and fight through the enemies that jump down to face you. Continnue all the way down forward towards the blackened doorway. The COG tag is on the ground near the waiting benches just across from the dead-end double doors.
  8. Chapter 4: Entering an enormous hall by walking up a set of steps, just keep running straight from the steps towards a shining bust on a pedestal.
  9. Chapter 4: Stepping off the elevator, press the elevator’s call button before continuing forward. The elevator doors to your left will open, with this announcement hanging on the wall inside.
  10. Chapter 5: Run along the balcony and down the steps towards the lower floor where Locust enemies are positioned. Cross the room while hugging the wall to your right to find this brochure on the floor behind a pillar.
  11. Chapter 5: Pull open the sliding door, and enter the dark room. Hug the right wall and walk towards a stack of wooden crates and barrels in the corner. Shoot or smash up the wooden storage to find a COG tag underneath.
  12. Chapter 5: Don’t leave the office right away, instead look on a trunk near the windows to find this final collectible.
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