Gears of War 3 Easter Eggs

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Posted on September 26, 2011, GameFront Staff Gears of War 3 Easter Eggs

Gears of War 3 and easter eggs are a match made in gamer heaven. What developer Epic says will be the most secret-filled entry into the series yet isn’t just business talk, as the amazing video loggers of Game Front have proven in their extensive search for all that is wild, wacky, and a little strange stuck hidden in the cracks of Gears of War 3.

For more secrets, collectibles, and extras, check out our cheats page. For hints getting through the singleplayer campaign, check up on Game Front’s text and video walkthrough. And if you like our video team, make sure to subscribe to Game Front’s channel on Youtube for more laughs and constant updates to our many video walkthrough projects.

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Easter Eggs

Assembly Line Malfunction Easter Egg

  • Start by loading up Act 2 – Chapter 4. Eventually you’ll reach a door with a light up yellow grating. Interact with the door to look inside, and watch the madness unfold.

Gold Chicken

Before heading to the CIC and meeting with Prescott, run towards two large open pipes on the ships’ deck. Press “X” to make Marcus yell into the pipe to your right, then the left. Turn around and back-track to two more pipes near the entrance to this fight. Press “X” near the right pipe, then the left pipe with the bails of hay between them. A chicken will pop out of the last pipe. Shoot it and it will transform into a giant, fire-breathing chicken.

Picture of Dom and Maria

Play as Dom in Multiplayer, and make a game on Mercy. Near one of the windows, you’ll find a picture of Dom and Maria, but it’s barely visible. Shoot it and Dom will react — check our video for more details.

The Cluckshot

The Cluckshot – Act 1 Chapter 1

Mad World Song

Play on the multiplayer map Gridlock. You may notice the area is covered in ash corpses. Don’t touch or shoot a single one — next round, you’ll hear the song so famously used in the original Gears of Wars commercial.

Find the Dancing Wretch

Ticker Battle Cutscene

During the campaign, reach Act 2 Chapter 4. Eventually you’ll reach a room with tickers in cages. Don’t just run by, instead search for an area that’s been blocked off with some Ticker graffiti. Near the graffiti, search for a bright light that can be interacted with. Hit that “X” button to see something special.

Slides are fun!

During the campaign, make it to Act 1 Chapter 3 where you’ll find a children’s playground. Climb up a slide to find a Children’s Diary collectible, but that’s not all. Step up to the slide and interact to have a little fun between the grim and gritty combat.

Cole Train Cereal and Hat

Another campaign Easter Egg, find this one in Act 1 Chapter 3, but before you reach the playground. This time, it’s in the super market. Look around in the sporting goods section, where you’ll find a special cereal with Cole Train’s face on the front. You can interact with the cereal for an audio recording, but that isn’t the only Easter Egg. Before entering the playground, look on the back of a truck to find a unique hat, interact with that and Cole will wear it.

Pig Cook-Out

On the multiplayer map Gridlock, run up the stairs on the western side of the map, up into the balcony area. From there, search for a boarded up window and look inside. You’ll see a glowing red light and scattered ash corpses. Blast the corpses to clear them out of the way, and you’ll see a delicious pig roast. You can even shoot the handle to make it spin.

Thrashball Tables

Keep an eagle eye out for Foosball Tables anywhere during the campaign. Interact for a funny surprise. You can find one table in Act 1 Chapter 1, as well as in Act 1 Chapter 3.

Vending Machine Madness

Back in Act 1 Chapter 1, after meeting Jace for the first time while he’s pounding on a vending machine, wait for the cutscene to end. Use Marcus to interact with the machine to kick it and get yourself an expired candy bar.

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