Gears of War 3 Is Series’ Most “Easter-Egg-Rich” Game Yet

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Posted on August 15, 2011, Ben Richardson Gears of War 3 Is Series’ Most “Easter-Egg-Rich” Game Yet

About halfway through my Gears of War 3 Act 1 Hands-on playthrough, Cole Train and his team were combing through a supermarket, trying to scavenge some food while avoiding the attentions of the Lambent. After a serious of furious firefights, we came across a kiosk full of merchandise promoting the Hanover Cougars, a thrashball team for whom Cole was an international star. Investigate more closely, I found that you can press X to cause the muscular, brash C.O.G. to put on a Cougars hat — the classic Gears RT/LT binary choice lets you decide whether you’d like to see him sport it facing forward or backward.

According to Gears Executive Producer Rod Fergusson, Cole’s Cougar’s cap is just one of the many Easter Eggs available in-game: “One of the things we really focused on [during development] was Easter Eggs… we feel like that helps the game live on. This is the most Easter Egg-rich game we’ve ever had.” When asked to expand on this intriguing proclamation, Fergusson dished: “They run the gamut from small little touches like Cole being able to go down the playground slide, to secret areas in maps, to finding the extremely powerful chicken-shooting ‘Cluckshot.’”

In addition to these enticing options, Gears of War 3 will also have a number of collectibles, separated into two categories. “First is the COG tags that are hidden on maps with a Crimson Omen painted on a nearby wall to give you a hint,” Fergusson explained. “The second is a narrative based collectible that gives you more information about the world and the characters. For example, one collectible to find is the Thrashball rule book.”

There can be little doubt that players will be interested in learning more about the uncompromising sport that made Cole Train the man he is today. Those who want to learn more about Gears of War 3 in general should check out our reporting on the return of Adam Fenix, the ugly 3D, the difficulty level adjustments, the new co-op features, and the intriguing campaign “mutators.” GameFront’s Rod Fergusson video interview is embedded below.

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