GeForce Now looses FOUR more publisher deals

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

GeForce Now has not yet been the success story Nvidia was hoping for, with a mass exodus of publishers leaving the service since it's launch. Sadly, four more big names in the industry are pulling out of the service, and they're taking a fair chunk of Now's game library with them. 

The four publishers set to leave the service on the 24th of April include Xbox Game Studios, Codemasters, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and Klei Entertainment. They join a long list of game studios and publishers who have already departed the service due to contract misunderstandings, including 2K Games, Bethesda, and Activision.

Games, including Cuphead, DiRT, F1 2019, Mortal Kombat, and the Batman series of games, will all disappear from the service on the 24th of April, along with many more titles. Nvidia did state that it hopes that these games will "return in the future," however.

On the bright side, Epic Games, Valve, Bungie, Bandai Namco, and Ubisoft have all pledged their support for the service, with the latter launching every Assassin's Creed and Far-Cry title to the service today.

Will this be enough to keep the service afloat? There are a plethora of big names now absent from the service, which competes directly with Google Stadia. I suspect, much like the console wars, the streaming wars will be won based on the quality of the games catalog, and sadly, Stadia certainly has the edge in that regard right now.


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