GeForce RTX 40 Series Rumours: Price, Release Dates & More

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With the RTX 30 series of cards now getting a little long in the tooth, rumors are ramping up on the next generation of Nvidia's graphics cards. Gamers are clamoring for a new generation of cards from Team Green, and it looks like new cards are indeed on the way later this year to start shaking up the GPU market once more., according to the latest leaks from Kopite7Kimi.

The new 40 series cards are codenamed Ada Lovelace and will be a significant upgrade over the older 30 series of cards, with the new cards based on TSMC's 5nm process, as opposed to the Samsung 8nm process in the 30 series. The good news is that Nvidia has also apparently learned from the mistakes of the 30 series launch, securing over $10B USD worth of the new 5nm wafers, in order to avoid stock shortages.

The chips in the 40 series will be named ADXXX, and the AD102 in the rumored RTX 4090 Ti will be the most powerful. The RTX 4080 will be based on the AD103 chip, and the AD104 will power the RTX 4070. As you can see in the table below, the latest rumored specs vary but should prove to be a significant upgrade over the 30 series.

GPUCUDA CoresBus widthVRAMMemory SpeedMemory BandwidthL2 CacheTotal Board PowerTime Spy Extreme Benchmarks
RTX 4090 TiAD102-450-A118,176 FP32384-bit48GB GDDR6X24Gbps1,152GB/s96MB800WN/A
RTX 4090 AD102-300-A116,384 FP32384-bit24GB GDDR6X21Gbps1,008GB/s72MB450W19,000
RTX 4080 AD103-300-A19,728 FP32256-bit16GB GDDR6X21GBps672GB/s48MB420w15,000
RTX 4070 AD104-300-A17,680 FP32192-bit12GB GDDR6X21GBps504GB/s36MB300w11

Of course, Nvidia hasn't confirmed or publicly acknowledged any of these specifications, which may be red herrings or subject to change, but its a rough indicator of what we might expect. Even so, take it all with a pinch of salt. 

If true, though, then the RTX 4070 will provide roughly the same performance as an RTX 3090 Ti, a kick in the teeth for 30 series owners to be sure. The 3080 upwards will be breaking new ground in terms of graphical performance from there on. Thankfully though, prices should be fairly reasonable, as the crypto crash means that there's now a oversaturated market of cheap graphics cards.

As for when to expect them, all signs indicate that October will be the release timeframe, backed up by the latest leaks from Moore's Law is Dead. Some sources are suggesting however that only the RTX 4090 will be available in October, with the rest launching at some stage in 2023.

40 series chips are allegedly already arriving at suppliers, so it seems that production is ramping up, even if you might be waiting for the actual release. As for what to expect at retail, the pricing suggests that the RTX 4070 will clock in at $599.99 USD, with the 4080 at $799.99 and the 4090 at $1999.99, roughly in line with the 30 series launch pricing.

We'll be sure to bring any further news as we learn it.


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